CC: Matchday #2
Yesterday we closed the 2nd round of Country Championship. So, we are in conditions to present you the scores and the best of the matchday. The next will be this Sunday, at same hour. Good luck for all.

Matchday #1

Sunday, 13/05/12 21:00
Status: closed

 Poland (#2)[18:2] Spain (#14)

DominatoR 5x4 7x0 Momia
Versus 5x0 5x1 mR
Bartas 5x0 2x0 tito
mRN 2x1 1x1 viVa
bejott 2x1 0x0 isra_21

MoM: Versus

Sunday, 13/05/12 21:00
Status: closed

 Romania (#1)[15:5] Serbia (#13)

Leskopoz 0x2 2x3 Cold
redmaster 2:1 2x5 Ultras
Tarmi 3x4 3x0 vasi
Someone 1x1 0x5 Bebe
Rebba 0x4 1x4 Ovvy

MoM: Ovvy

Sunday, 13/05/12 21:00
Status: closed

 Portugal (#7)[12:8] Ukraine (#11)

ruincosta 3x0 2x3 koren
Tevezzz 3x1 3x2 Yozhyk
iruleds 1x1 1x4 baom
STEAK 4x1 1x3 ToTsi
JCENA 3x0 2x2 Jelezo

MoM: Tevezzz

Sunday, 13/05/12 21:00
Status: closed

 Georgia FIFA (#12)[7:13] Germany (#4)

era 0:0 3:1 ikandro
kev1n 4:0 1:1 kere
juiCe 0:0 0:0 guzi
chr1sK 2:3 5:2 shavgu
Salz0r 2:2 4:2 prof

MoM: kev1n

Sunday, 13/05/12 21:00
Status: closed

 Belgium (#9)[12:8] Czech Republic (#17)

Golazo 1x1 1x0 CZZECH
Shakkie 3x2 0x1 Kubel
ngl 3x6 2x3 Sampino
Pxl 4x4 3x1 DiDa
toyboy  2x1 3x1 Brassilek

MoM: Sampino

Not played yet. Wildcard was used.

Prizes (Top 3)

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

*The premium account will be for all players

We will have a special award for the Top3 too:

1st placed:
2nd placed:
3rd placed:

Staff Europe
Shevjke, Friday, 18/05/12 19:38
FIFA 12 CC 2012 Groupstage
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