Team Acer vs. Wizards of the Ball
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 Team Acer
 Wizards of the Ball
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MatchID 24721416
Date Sunday, 15/01/12 20:30
Calculated 27/01/12 07:37
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16 : 4
Team Acer wins !
Points +2 : 0
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Hey, contact me via ESL Match chat or IRC #acer.esport - thanks.
Our opponents don't agree about playing the match from today till saturday (or sth. like this) they want to have a fixed date, which is quiet impossible for us during the next days (especially at the weekend, because of soccer, our own Acer Challenge, private stuff etc.).

For me it would make sense to play the match from today till saturday (or sth. like this), but our opponents think it takes too much time, so they want to have a fix date at the weekend. This doesn't make sense, right.

I will now start asking all my players when they have time during the next days and post the date where everybody has time to play here at the comments.
Any agreements for this game? Or do i need to force it?
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Team Acer suggests Tuesday 21:00 CET.
Hi, sorry mate but we cant play on Tuesday. We would like to play on Wednesday 21:00 CET if possible.
Acey we can play today or tomorrow ,i'm online !#esl.fifa Nick: WotB|Asa
GoGoGo :)
Deto I can play today until 17h. What time is it good for you ?
Lara i can play today 17-18-19... u?
He is ready to play, query him at mIRC.
Team Acer [8:4] Wizards of the Ball

Krone [2:1] [2:1] Kevin
Deto [x:x] [x:x] Gabu
TornAdo [x:x] [x:x] LARA
Poldi10 [4:0] [0:2] Okoly
Acey [1:0] [2:3] Asa
where are you gabu, im waiting -.-
Team Acer [12:4] Wizards of the Ball

Krone [2:1] [2:1] Kevin
Deto [x:x] [x:x] Gabu
TornAdo [3:0] [3:0] LARA
Poldi10 [4:0] [0:2] Okoly
Acey [1:0] [2:3] Asa

<WotB|okoLy> gabu will be here at 22-45

Thats to late. Deadline is 22.00 cet. Default win please and gn8
I love how easily Team Acer players can say it, default win and gn8. I was here all the day until 17 cet as I said, you were not. I havent written down any of these. I am also online from 22:30.So dont beg for default win please.
who lives in a glass house..
GG :D Def win or not... no matter :P
Gabu i had to work you know ? And if we arent aible to make a compromise for a match time we have to play at the latest time 22cet. Thats the rules.
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