TibcoUSA vs. Panik
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Date Wednesday, 29/02/12 21:30
Calculated 04/03/12 20:36
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Hi when you can play?
You can find me on the mirc #esl.fifa my nick is Empire|Tibco

Best regards,
can we play tommorow night?
hm tommorow night i cant but tommorow i can 14,15 and 16 CET you can?
better at night, gotta work during the day :)
Play until final of today, or we will close this game according to the available facts
hey im here now you can now ? i cant tonight because is friday i wanna go out.. y can now? or tommorow????
i can now if you can???
i can now.
ok i too
please we havent time for match, shevjke i wanna play yesterday but he say me have problem with connection
well u couldnt join my inivitation. i or you have prob whit connexion.
Game drawn
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