Country Championship: Play-offs starts
After some pending decisions, here we are with the Play-offs. The drawn was made like European Championship system. The official dates are in the match details, and you aren't allowed to move the dates (or use wildcards). If you have some problems to play, open a game protests to solve it quickly. Good luck!

Country Championship

Official Format

Championship Format: Groupstage + Playoffs
Games: only 1 war
War Format: 5on5 with 1on1 games (Old format)
Points: 20 points (2 points - win ; 1 point - draw ; 0 points - lose)
Possible final scores: Win, Draw and Lose

Groupstage: The 1st and 2nd placed will get the Play-offs.

Playoffs: The best 8 National Teams will play in Double-Elimination until the Grand Final. In case of draw, the National Team who scores more goals, will be the winner. If you check the same number of goals, each National Teams have to choose 1 player to play a decisive game (only 1 game - you must play whole game. If your players draw this match, you must play in Golden Goal). In the Grand Final, the National Team who got it by Looser-Bracket, need to win twice the National Team who got it by Winner-Bracket.


Official Schedule

Starts: 24 of June
Play-offs start: 01 of July
Days per round: 1 week

Prizes (Top 3)

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

*The premium account will be for all players

We will have a special award for the Top3 too:

1st placed:
2nd placed:
3rd placed:

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Shevjke, Monday, 25/06/12 03:11
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