Sunday, 07/10

FIFA 12 | 18:35
Challenging your skill - SummaryHere we go with our final ranking for Challenging your skill.

Saturday, 06/10

FIFA 12 | 20:57
CC 2012 - SummaryThe conclusion of the 2012 Country Championship is upon us. Before getting to the awards ceremony, we want to thank all the participants and every supporter for helping ESL Staff run the competition smoothly and without any problems.

Thursday, 20/09

FIFA 12 | 21:39
Roman 'Zil' Gurin won Summer LeagueThe summer are running to the end, and the big winner of this great competition was Roman 'Zil' Gurin. With a very good scores and a row of victories he was really a fair winner. Congratulations to him and for the other winners. See you in the Autumn League.
FIFA 12 | 19:22
Challenging your skil - FinalYou are going to the last week of FIFA 2012, and according to the planned here we are with the last competition. So, you need to pay attention to the deadlines because we will close the games after it. We will give 1 day per round, so it is like a quick cup, that we won't fail with times. Good luck for all players and thank you for your games.
FIFA 12 | 18:29
Smehuran won Night Cup Series 4The last series of Night Cup in FIFA 2012 smiled to Smehuran. He was the bigger winner. After a very good performance, he won from Groti in the grand final. For the 3/4 places, MIRON was better than WolborQ. Thank you very much for your present and we hope to see you again in the next FIFA season.

Monday, 20/08

FIFA 12 | 16:51
Night Cup Series - PlayoffsAfter a week of delay, let's go to end this Series of 10 cups. The top8 will be fight for the top3. Please, read the full news to understand the selection. Good luck for the finalists.

Saturday, 11/08

FIFA 12 | 04:05
Challenging your skill - Draw and TeamsAfter some problem from the signups, where players signed up more than 1 championship when just were allowed to join 1 of the 6, here we are with the beginning of the competition. Please, check your teams and GOOD LUCK.

Friday, 10/08

FIFA 12 | 02:57
1on1 Challenging your skill - LAST SLOTSWe hope it will be the last time that we explain the same procedure, because or you don't read the information in the news or you don't know english. So, PLEASE read carefully all information and if you have doubts, write a support ticket. It's better than doing it all wrong. Thank you!

Thursday, 09/08

FIFA 12 | 16:55
1on1 Challenging your skill - LAST INFORMATIONAfter the sign-ups ended, unhappy we need to check manually whole players. And why? Because we write news for the ghosts, and you didn't read nothing and do what you think that is better. So, the competition didn't start yet, because of you: players. We checked, for example, 1 player in 4 competitions, when we wrote "you only sign-up in only ONE championship". So, when we didn't complete all slots, the championships won't start. So, we will announce the free slots and you should write your ESL ID if you want to sign-up.

Monday, 06/08

FIFA 12 | 16:21
1on1 Challenging your skill - Sign-ups (#UPDATED - 19:20)We are running for the first 2 hours of sign-ups. We already got some players for all cups, anyway we already have a lot of free slots without players. Are you waiting for what? In this news we will know what are the free slots in each cup. We will update this new in each hour. Please, read full news.
FIFA 12 | 00:46
1on1 Challenging your skillThe FIFA 2012 is going to the end but, we want to give you more one competition. maybe one of the last competitions. So, we will count with 6 championships with the real teams from: England, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France and Germany. We will have 6 competitions running at same time, when each place will get only 1 team, and must play with the same team until the end. We will make the draw after the signups.

Sunday, 05/08

FIFA 12 | 18:56
Ikandro won European ChallengeThe European in FIFA PC ended in the last weekend and Ikandro is the big winner. Ikandro with Sweden won the championship in the big final from Shevjke with Spain. In computer Spain wasn't so good as in real life. Sweden is the team. Congratulations to Ikrandro.

Sunday, 29/07

FIFA 12 | 07:12
Summer League FIFA 2012 - PlayoffsThe cup is running until the end. Now, we will see the best 80 players who got the last stage of Summer League. We will have some default wins in the 1st round, but...we are anxious and curious to know who will in this league. We wish you a good luck and fair games. Please, pay special attention to the deadlines.

Saturday, 28/07

FIFA 12 | 06:37
Night Cup Season 4 - Cup #4, Cup #5 and Cup #10 will be played this weekAfter some issues in these cups, we rechedulled these competitions for this week. Please, check the dates and join them. Thank you for your comprehension and join. Have a nice games.

Sunday, 15/07

FIFA 12 | 20:18
FIFA 13 : Admins WantedThe admin team is seaching new admins. With it, we need to get more people available and with time to help us in the next months. Are you ready to join? You think that you can help us? What are you doing? Apply for admin.
FIFA 12 | 20:15
IoV won 3on3 Red Carpet CupIoV, the Russian team won the 3on3 Red Carpet Cup. Congratulations to him and discover the podium.

Monday, 09/07

FIFA 12 | 16:12
EURO Challenge 2012 - PlayoffsThe groupstage already ended and here we are to close this good and fair competition. The best teams are in the field, fighting for the grand final. Who will win the Euro Challenge? Good luck.

Monday, 25/06

FIFA 12 | 04:42
F 1 n won Spring League FIFA 2012The Spring League FIFA 2012 smiled to F 1 n. The German player won the grand final from the Turkish LeaTi, in a game where only was score 1 goal. In the decisive game for the 3rd and 4th placed, ric0 beat NEYMAR 27 by 3-2, in a balanced game. For now, we want to thank you for all players, and give our congratulations for the winners. See you in the Summer League. Stay tuned.
FIFA 12 | 03:11
Country Championship: Play-offs startsAfter some pending decisions, here we are with the Play-offs. The drawn was made like European Championship system. The official dates are in the match details, and you aren't allowed to move the dates (or use wildcards). If you have some problems to play, open a game protests to solve it quickly. Good luck!

Sunday, 17/06

FIFA 12 | 19:18
Night Cup Season 4 - Cup #3 and Cup #4The Season 4 started in the last week with the two first cups. Now, it is time to go ahead with the Night Cup Season 4, with the Cup #3 and Cup #4. Good games and have fun.

Saturday, 16/06

FIFA 12 | 03:41
Summer League FIFA 2012Here we are with Summer League 2012. The Summer is coming and we want to bring you an hot competition. Please, pay attention to the deadlines, and if you have some doubts ask or write here. See you soon.

Tuesday, 12/06

FIFA 12 | 18:42
Night Cup Season 4 - Cup #1 and Cup #2The sign-ups for the first two cups are open. We hope to see you playing with us. Check the main details, because you must do check-in 30m before the cup until 10m before the cup starts. Good games.

Sunday, 10/06

FIFA 12 | 20:24
Night Cup Season 4Here we are again giving to your the new Night Cup Series. The same format, the same competitiveness. It will be a special series, because it will be running at the same time of European Championship 2012. We hope that we can have your present with us again. Check the dates and pay attention to sign-ups.

Saturday, 09/06

FIFA 12 | 15:24
European Challenge 2012 startsHere we are with the beginning of European Challenge 2012. Please, follow all of deadlines to play like in the original one. If you need some help, or if you have some problems during the competition, like as troubles to find your opponent, please, contact us immediately. Good luck and have fun.

Tuesday, 05/06

FIFA 12 | 15:58
European Challenge 2012 - TeamsThe sign-up stared and ended in last Sunday, and we got the 16 players as we announced before. The drawn was made yesterday, and we already know the players and teams. Remember, you must play with the same team since the beginning until the end of the competition. The cup only starts at 9th of June. If you play before the games will not be rated.

Sunday, 03/06

FIFA 12 | 16:35
World Challenge - Hqmi61 and Spain are the winnersHqmi61 with Spain got the 1st place against toyboy51 which played with Greece (great place for Greece too). In the last place of podium, we can see Akapella81 with Netherlands after won am3t with Uruguay. It was a big competition started with 32 qualifiers, groupstage and finally grand final. Thank you very much for your games and your presence. We hope that you enjoyed with us.

Saturday, 02/06

FIFA 12 | 18:29
Night Cup Season 3 - Riv9 is the big winnerThe Night Cup Season 3 already ends. The big winner was Riv9 . After a very good Season, he won Ikrandro in the grand final. In the 3rd place we can see Totti. Thank you very much for all players who played during the qualifiers, and congratulations for the winners. We hope to see you again in the next Season. See you soon!
FIFA 12 | 16:03
European Challenge 2012The real European Championship will start soon, and our section wants to mark this important event. With it, we will have a competition with the same mods like the original one. So, we will have 16 players with a very limited time of registration. These players will be drawn by groups, the same that we will see in the championship.

Tuesday, 22/05

FIFA 12 | 04:02
CC: Matchday #3After more one matchday, here were are with the aftermath. All of games were played yesterday as scheduled, so let's take an eye for the final score and men of the matches. See you in the next Sunday.

Friday, 18/05

FIFA 12 | 19:38
CC: Matchday #2Yesterday we closed the 2nd round of Country Championship. So, we are in conditions to present you the scores and the best of the matchday. The next will be this Sunday, at same hour. Good luck for all.
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