Spring League 2012
The Winter Cup already ends and, we are here to announce the next big League: Spring League 2012 is here for you. Please, read the main information and if you need some info, contact us. Sign-in and have fun!

FIFA Spring League 2012

FIFA Spring League 2012

   Date: default date will be 20:30 CET
   Mode: 1on1 only 1 game + 1on1 single-elimination (If draw, you have to play golden goal)
   Links: Settings, Global Rules, Wire portal
   Questions? IRC and Support ticket
   Restrictions: entered FIFA 2012 EA ID
   Signup: 23th of March until 1st of April

Prizes (Restriction: 32 players participate)

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

The winner will receive this special gift:

For support please contact us in #esl.fifa via IRC or webIRC

Staff Europe
Shevjke, Thursday, 15/03/12 00:05
FIFA 12 1on1 Spring League 2012
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Fin de Inscripciones: 26/12/11 20:00
''It is not possible to sign up for this league at the moment because sign up is disabled. ''
it's not yet 1/4 :(
cant sign up
nobody gives a fuck...to answer your question.xTRMsNPR
ritzipitzi11 wrote:
nobody gives a fuck...to answer your question.xTRMsNPR

very mature answer..
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