European Challenge 2012
The real European Championship will start soon, and our section wants to mark this important event. With it, we will have a competition with the same mods like the original one. So, we will have 16 players with a very limited time of registration. These players will be drawn by groups, the same that we will see in the championship.

European Challenge 2012

Competition Details


After the drawn, the games as to be played in the same day that the originals ones, to manage this cup the best way as possible.

Office Calendar

Announcement - 2nd June

Cup format - Group-stage (4 groups x 4 players) + Play-offs
Module - 1on1
Number of games- 1 game only (Group-stage* and Play-offs**)

*Draws are allowed;
**If draw, you must play in golden goal.

Sign up - 3rd June at 14:00 CET until 14:15 CET (15 minutes)
Draw - 4th June
Cup stars - 9th June
Cup ends - 1st July

NOTE: The matchdays will be opened according to the official deadlines.

Official Groups and Calendar

Group A


1st matchday - 8th June
2nd matchday - 12th June
3rd matchday - 16 th June

Group B


1st matchday - 9th June
2nd matchday - 13th June
3rd matchday - 17th June

Group C


1st matchday - 10th June
2nd matchday - 14th June
3rd matchday- 18th June

Group D


1st matchday - 11th June
2nd matchday - 15th June
3rd matchday - 19th June

*Unhappy, Team Ukraine and Team Czech Republic aren't available in the FIFA. So, we need to replaced it for Team Turkey and Team Hungary, who were the best according to the standings.

Play-off - Official Schedule

Quarters-Final - 21, 22,23 and 24th June
Semi-Finals - 27th and 28th June
Finals - 01st July


1on1 Cup

   1st 2 months PREMIUM ESL Premium
   2nd 1 month PREMIUM ESL Premium

Special Prizes

1st Placed

2nd Placed (Size: L)

Staff Europe
Shevjke, Saturday, 02/06/12 16:03
FIFA 12 1on1 European Challenge 2012
comments (13)
first prize is a mouse. good job. this is fifa! wtf -.-
loopfahnder wrote:
first prize is a mouse. good job. this is fifa! wtf -.-

People always complain. When there is no prize, people complain. When there is only premium, people complain. When there is real prizes, like mouses people still complain. Just great.
loopfahnder wrote:
first prize is a mouse. good job. this is fifa! wtf -.-

I won't answer you. Just play alone!
Just give money prizes, and no one will complain ;)
Omg people are crazy here:D I just dont understand why you let only 16 players to play when there is such a good prizes. I think there is a lot more player who would fight for it.
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it will be make of qualy like world championship style with players? or direct 16 player?
Yeah I think the first option would make sense.
I don't understand who can join this cup
can we sing up still?
write pls teams for participants
but why only 15 minutes to sign up :D .. mb other players cant be this time :P
who play who
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