Challenging your skil - Final
You are going to the last week of FIFA 2012, and according to the planned here we are with the last competition. So, you need to pay attention to the deadlines because we will close the games after it. We will give 1 day per round, so it is like a quick cup, that we won't fail with times. Good luck for all players and thank you for your games.

1on1 Challenging your skill

How it will work?


Module: 1on1
Number of games: 1 game in groupstage and only 1 game in playoffs
Time per round 2 days

Cup starts: 11 of August
Default hour: 20:30 CET (games will be closed after the matchdays)*

*In case of "not present", please open a game protest explaining it, and DON'T FIX GAME AS EXCEPTION.

Playoffs: 16 players
Qualified Players: 1st and 2nd placed in each championship get automatically the playofs. The best four 3rd placed will get the qualification too.



dawnsson - Man Utd
Haszki - Wigan


P0uPid0u - Paris SG
Tei - Nice


S T I N K - Koln
KeRnRo22 - Wolfsburg


Romka - Internazionale
iNsaNe_oNERR - Cagliari


iruleds - Braga
Shevjke - Porto


Elshay - At. Madrid
Bohemian - Real Sociedad

Best 4 - 3rd placed

kardix 43 - Aston Villa
InfinitYn 40 - Montpellier
szoltys 39 - Fiorentina
nvR' 43 - Espanyol

1st Place 2 Months Premium 
2nd Place 1 Month Premium 
3rd Place No prize 

Why Premium ?

  • No advertisement
  • Active support of league
  • No waiting time at Gather
  • Awards
  • Start Gather with ESL Wire Anti-Cheat
  • Access to special leagues (f.e. Amateur Series)

  • Staff Europe
    Shevjke, Thursday, 20/09/12 19:22
    FIFA 12 1on1 Challenging your skill - Final
    comments (2)
    It starts when? since August 11 is already past XD
    11 of August was the start, you had to play 17 matches in your league
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