World Challenge - Hqmi61 and Spain are the winners
Hqmi61 with Spain got the 1st place against toyboy51 which played with Greece (great place for Greece too). In the last place of podium, we can see Akapella81 with Netherlands after won am3t with Uruguay. It was a big competition started with 32 qualifiers, groupstage and finally grand final. Thank you very much for your games and your presence. We hope that you enjoyed with us.

ESL World Challenge

Main information - Final Stage: Playoffs


Wednesday, 09/05/12 20:30
Status: closed

 toyboy51 (#2)[0:2] Hqmi61 (#1)


Wednesday, 09/05/12 20:30
Status: closed

 Akapella81 (#3)[2:1] am3t (#4)

National Teams and each players which played in Grand Final

1. Germany (Player: RomZz)
2. Turkey (Player: SLeviN)
3. Uruguay (Player: am3t)
4. Brazil (Player: Budy)
5. Chile (Player: Zil)
6. France (Player: AdS)
7. Mexico (Player: Density)
8. England (Player: Libanese)
9. Netherlands (Player: Akapella81)
10. Greece (Player: toyboy51)
11. Ivory Coast (Player: Ackk1e)
12. Cameroon (Player: Piskopat)
13. Colombia (Player: ELPINA)
14. Croatia (Player: BeBe)
15. Spain (Player: Hqmi61)
16. Italy (Player: faLkYY)

GRAND FINAL - Play-offs


Round 1: 30.04.2012 20:30
Round 2: 03.05.2012 20:30
Semi Finals: 06.05.2012 20:30
Final: 09.05.2012 20:30
3rd-4th Places: 09.05.2012 20:30

As we announced before, we drawn the games according to this:

Game 1: 1st Group A vs 2nd Group H
Game 2: 1st Group H vs 2nd Group A
Game 3: 1st Group B vs 2nd Group G
Game 4: 1st Group G vs 2nd Group B
Game 5: 1st Group C vs 2nd Group E
Game 6: 1st Group E vs 2nd Group C
Game 7: 1st Group D vs 2nd Group F
Game 8: 1st Group F vs 2nd Group D

Thus, we will be able to delay the meeting between players who qualified in the same group.

Staff Europe
Shevjke, Sunday, 03/06/12 16:35
FIFA 12 1on1 ESL FIFA World Challenge - Final Stage: Playoffs
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well done boy.
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