Ikandro won European Challenge
The European in FIFA PC ended in the last weekend and Ikandro is the big winner. Ikandro with Sweden won the championship in the big final from Shevjke with Spain. In computer Spain wasn't so good as in real life. Sweden is the team. Congratulations to Ikrandro.

FIFA European Challenge


Sunday, 15/07/12 20:30
Status: closed

 Ikandro (#1)[2:1] Shevjke (#2)

In a very balanced game between Ikandro and Shevjke, the big Sweden was better than the biggest Spain in virtual mode. We can understand that as in real life, in virtual mode the shirts don't win games and there isn't advanced wins.

Ikandro was best, Sweden was best and here are the winner. Congratulations.

1on1 Cup

   1st 2 months PREMIUM ESL Premium
   2nd 1 month PREMIUM ESL Premium

Special Prizes

1st Placed

2nd Placed - ESL shirt (Size: L)

For support please contact us in #esl.fifa via IRC or webIRC

Staff Europe
Shevjke, Sunday, 05/08/12 18:56
FIFA 12 1on1 1on1 European Challenge - Playoffs
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