Night Cup Season 3 - Riv9 is the big winner
The Night Cup Season 3 already ends. The big winner was Riv9 . After a very good Season, he won Ikrandro in the grand final. In the 3rd place we can see Totti. Thank you very much for all players who played during the qualifiers, and congratulations for the winners. We hope to see you again in the next Season. See you soon!

Night Cup Series 3 - Grand Final


Thursday, 24/05/12 21:30
Status: closed

 Ikandro (#2)[0:3] Riv9 (#1)


Thursday, 24/05/12 21:30
Status: closed

 potnyavyi (#4)[0:3] Totti09 (#3)

The top 8 players who have collected the most points will be qualified for the finals. This one will take place during the 1st week of the next month, 8 players will compete in single elimination. You will have 2 days per Round.

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    Hall Of Fame & Challenge Cup Award

    Staff Europe
    Shevjke, Saturday, 02/06/12 18:29
    comments (1)
    good job my little bro.
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