CC: Matchday #3
After more one matchday, here were are with the aftermath. All of games were played yesterday as scheduled, so let's take an eye for the final score and men of the matches. See you in the next Sunday.

Matchday #3

Sunday, 20/05/12 21:00
Status: closed

 Poland (#2)[14:6] Turkiye.FIFA (#6)

Versus 4x3 3x4 Riv9
Dominator 3x1 2x5 Dozturk
Bejott 4x2 2x1 Hqmi61
mrn 3x3 2x1 BurQii
krinho 2x2 3x2 Wolborq

MoM: Bejott

Sunday, 20/05/12 21:00
Status: closed

 Belgium (#9)[9:11] Romania (#1)

Golazo 4x3 2x3 Cold-Blood
Bolt 0x3 2x1 Jepcar
Toyboy 0x4 1x0 Vasi
Pxl 2x3 1x2 Night
JenskA 2x2 6x3 Ultras

MoM: Night

Sunday, 20/05/12 21:00
Status: closed

 Portugal (#7)[11:9] Team Belarus FI.. (#15)

iruleds 3x5 3x4 partizan0s
ruincosta 1x0 1x0 tALefRaGt
Tevezzz 3x0 1x0 MIRON
STEAK 1x1 3x6 serega_10
Sorin 1x1 1x1 WRANGLER

MoM: Tevezzz

Sunday, 20/05/12 21:00
Status: closed

 Georgia FIFA (#12)[12:8] Italy (#16)

Ikandro 3x0 6x0 smndrl
shavgu 3x2 2x1 Jhonny
GF_LADLYY 1x7 0x2 Lonewolf92
ProToS-KeRee 1x2 5x3 Giovy
GuZi 1x5 2x0 daniEllowww

MoM: Ikandro

Sunday, 20/05/12 21:00
Status: closed

 Russia (#5)[13:7] Serbia (#13)

bydlo 3x2 2x2 alexa
kefir 2x1 3x3 red
puti 0x1 3x5 tarmi
navidl 4x1 2x1 leskopoz
fate 1x1 3x2 someone

MoM: navidl

Prizes (Top 3)

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

*The premium account will be for all players

We will have a special award for the Top3 too:

1st placed:
2nd placed:
3rd placed:

Staff Europe
Shevjke, Tuesday, 22/05/12 04:02
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