Nations Championship: Become a Official Referee
Before we start this big competitions, we are searching some Official Referees. With it, you can be one of us, helping and supporting ESL FIFA section to give you a fantastic competition. Read full news to know more about this job.

Official Referee

What are the tasks?

In whole matchdays we will fix 1 referee per war to manage it officially in name of ESL.

The referee have:

- to be online 30m before the war stars;
- to get the lineup from the Team Captain 5m before the cup stars;
- to make the topic with the games;
- to update topic (only they can change topic);
- to manage and pay attention during whole war, supporting and take decisions.

Other tasks can be added after.

Are you interested to join us?


In the final of the competition or during it, the referees can be invited to the Admin Team, if theirs works are so good.

Staff Europe
Shevjke, Friday, 27/04/12 02:23
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