World Challenge - Final Stage: Playoffs online
We know that we are a little late with this competition. Anyway, the draw is online and able to play. Who will be the big champion? Congratulations to the best 16 teams. Good luck!

ESL World Challenge

Main information - Final Stage: Playoffs

Module: 1on1
Games: Best of 3 games (Possible final scores: 2-0; 0-2; 2-1; 1-2)

National Teams and each players on active

1. Germany (Player: RomZz)
2. Turkey (Player: SLeviN)
3. Uruguay (Player: am3t)
4. Brazil (Player: Budy)
5. Chile (Player: Zil)
6. France (Player: AdS)
7. Mexico (Player: Density)
8. England (Player: Libanese)
9. Netherlands (Player: Akapella81)
10. Greece (Player: toyboy51)
11. Ivory Coast (Player: Ackk1e)
12. Cameroon (Player: Piskopat)
13. Colombia (Player: ELPINA)
14. Croatia (Player: BeBe)
15. Spain (Player: Hqmi61)
16. Italy (Player: faLkYY)

GRAND FINAL - Play-offs


Round 1: 30.04.2012 20:30
Round 2: 03.05.2012 20:30
Semi Finals: 06.05.2012 20:30
Final: 09.05.2012 20:30
3rd-4th Places: 09.05.2012 20:30

As we announced before, we drawn the games according to this:

Game 1: 1st Group A vs 2nd Group H
Game 2: 1st Group H vs 2nd Group A
Game 3: 1st Group B vs 2nd Group G
Game 4: 1st Group G vs 2nd Group B
Game 5: 1st Group C vs 2nd Group E
Game 6: 1st Group E vs 2nd Group C
Game 7: 1st Group D vs 2nd Group F
Game 8: 1st Group F vs 2nd Group D

Thus, we will be able to delay the meeting between players who qualified in the same group.

Staff Europe
Shevjke, Friday, 27/04/12 04:55
FIFA 12 1on1 ESL FIFA World Challenge - Final Stage: Playoffs
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Admins, can you please change the draw, it is wrong I should not play against 2nd place in my group!
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