Nations Championship
Here we are with this big and fantastic competition: Nations Championship. After some days in conversations with the partners in whole Europe, we are able to present this event. The Nations Championship will have 16 National Teams that will compete for the big title. You can read the main information of all competition. Please, if you need some extra explanation, contact us.

Nations Championship 2012

National Team signed-up

Team Portugal - Portugal

Team Russia - Russia

Team Ukraine - Ukraine

Team Gergia - Georgia FIFA

Team Hungary - Hungary

Team Italy - Italy

Team Turkey - Turkiye.FIFA

Team France - France

Team Romania - Romania

Team Germany - Germany

Team Serbia - Serbia

Team Netherlands - Netherlands

Team Belgium - Belgium

Team Spain - Spain

Team Poland - Poland

Team Austria - Austria

Main infos

About Teams

Min team members: 8 players*
Max team members: 12 players

All of National Teams have to send us their players. So, in your mentioned players we need that you discriminate (and update in your team links):

1 Team Captain + 1 Match Orga

To send your official teams, you need to send us a Support Ticket with "National Team X - Players" as subject. (change the "X" for your country).

*If some National Team has some problem to reach the minimum of 8 players, please, inform us about it in the Support Ticket.

About Championship

Championship Format: Groupstage + Playoffs
Group size: 4 groups x 4 National Teams
Games: only 1 war
War Format: 5on5 with 1on1 games (Old format)
Points: 20 points (2 points - win ; 1 point - draw ; 0 points - lose)
Possible final scores: Win, Draw and Lose

Groupstage: The 1st and 2nd placed will get the Play-offs.

Playoffs: The best 8 National Teams will play in Double-Elimination until the Grand Final. In case of draw, the National Team who scores more goals, will be the winner. If you check the same number of goals, each National Teams have to choose 1 player to play a decisive game (only 1 game - you must play whole game. If your players draw this match, you must play in Golden Goal). In the Grand Final, the National Team who got it by Looser-Bracket, need to win twice the National Team who got it by Winner-Bracket.

Official Schedule


Deadline to send the players: 22 of April
Announce: 23 of April
Championship starts: 29 of April

*Matchdays: Sundays at 20.30 CET


Matchday #1 - 06 of May at 20:30 CET
Matchday #2 - 13 of May at 20:30 CET
Matchday #3 - 20 of May at 20:30 CET
Matchday #4 - 27 of May at 20:30 CET


Starts: 03 of June at 20:30 CET

The deadlines will be announced before the Play-offs starts. Anyway, it is possible that we fix 2 days as matchdays: Sundays and Wednesday. So, you are advised to this possibility. This is due to the fact that it will be played in double-elimination.

Prizes (Top 3)

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

*The premium account will be for all players

We will have a special award for the Top3 too:

1st placed:
2nd placed:
3rd placed:

Staff Europe
Shevjke, Wednesday, 11/04/12 15:38
comments (13)
Nice award!
great! GL HF to everybody..... Go italy!
Great rewards! Go Go Go France!
Go Belgium Goooooooo :D
X_Shot_ZZZ wrote:
Go Belgium Goooooooo :D

great! Go Germany !!!
Switzerland? :(
Go Azerbaijan!:DDDDDDd
Go Turkey!
Why is there no Team Switzerland? :(
Dinosaur wrote:
Why is there no Team Switzerland? :(

We didn't get any feedback from Switzerland :\
Sloviakia or CZ ?
Good luck all.
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