5on5 Face 2 Face Cold Cup stars
The 5on5 Face 2 Face Cold cup already started. Please, first of all we want to remember you about the prizes: play your games between the available deadlines. If you have some trouble, contact the admin team. We wish you a very good cup. Good luck!

5on5 Cold Cup

After the well organized 5on5 Hard Challenge we decided to make the next cup with prizes. The 1st team will get 5x1 Premium Account!

5on5 Cold Cup


Teams: 64
Module: 5on5
Cup type: Groupstage & Play-off
System: Old System (1on1 games)

Days per round: 5 days
Channel: Fixed by Admin ESL (Check your game details every round)
Admin: Admin fixed in game details

Laginspect: OFF (isn't needed as you should know)
Screenshots: Topic screen is mandatory

Sign-ups starts: 06.DEC-2011 14:00 CET
Sign-ups ends: 13.DEC-2011 20:00 CET
Draw: 19.DEC-2011 14:00 CET

Signup for 5on5 Cold Cup

5on5 Cold Cup Prize

Winner Prize

5 x 1 for the winner


If you have any questions, let you write support ticket, please!

Best regards,
ESL Global
Shevjke, Monday, 19/12/11 11:08
FIFA 12 5on5 Face 2 Face Cold Cup
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