FIFA 13 : Admins Wanted
The admin team is seaching new admins. With it, we need to get more people available and with time to help us in the next months. Are you ready to join? You think that you can help us? What are you doing? Apply for admin.


The Electronic Sports League is Europe's largest e-Sports league. By being an admin for its many leagues, you become a respected member of the gaming community and often gain the chance to meet and speak with professional gamers.

Each ESL Admin receives a free ESL Premium Account and their own '@staff.esl.eu' mail forwarding address. After 3 months of service, admins are also offered POP3 mail accounts and ESL IRC Bouncers, all free of charge.

Admins are often the ones to be informed first of any new features to the website and are often able to use them before they become available to the public. Admins are also offered the chance to have their ideas brought to life by suggesting improvements that could be made to the Electronic Sports League.

New Admins wanted!

To start to run a lot of different tournaments and available ladder we are needing some volunteers (minimum of 3), the so called admins. With the last update of our Admins Wanted Portal we added a lot of new information and details about becoming and being an admin, so read the news and the portal before you apply as admin.

Admin Wanted Portal

What are the requirements?

  • At least 17 years of age (exceptions may be given!)
  • A good understanding and ability to write in the English language
  • A good knowledge of the game and the scene
  • A sense of responsibility, reliability and flexibility
  • Neutrality and objectivity in decision making
  • Understanding the nature of conflicts and being able to resolve them
  • Capability of working in a dynamic team
  • Lots of time to help support weekly cups!

If you feel ready to rock the ESL and join this great family of fellow gamers, send your application today: Admin Application.

And remember, it is the European section of the ESL, so your application has to be written in an understandable and correct English!

Best regards,
Staff Europe
Shevjke, Sunday, 15/07/12 20:18
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I applied about a week ago, and haven't received any informations about whether I will be acccepted as an admin or about why I didn't make it.
Yes, we saw your appli but wait some days before chose between all apply ;)
Kalimerre wrote:
Yes, we saw your appli but wait some days before chose between all apply ;)

Ok, no problem. Thx for informing me.
I applied
Your appli has been already rejected. Check your mails.
Hey Kalimerre, I`ve listened to you and made my app. Go give it a view :P
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