[Moba + TPS] Super Monday Night Combat
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Name of the Game: Super Monday Night Combat (SMNC)
Publisher: Uber Entertainment
Url to the Game: http://www.uberent.com/site/ 
Genre: MOBA + TPS
Discribtion: Its a really good working mix of MOBA and an TPS Shooter. You start with a 5 Players per Team. The condiction to win a Game is the same as in League of Legends, you got 2 lanes with 2 Turrets on each lane. To get to the Moneyball ( like the Nexus in HoN and LoL) you need to push the lanes with Creeps, who are spawning alone or you can buy additional ones. The Game it self has what i have seen till now 4 diffrent Maps. The Graphics on this Game are running on the UT3 engine and look very nice.

This game is completly F2P with an ingame Store where you can buy Pros ( Champions like in HoN) or Skins. You can buy them with the Ingamemoney or with real money. It supports Steamtradig + Steamfriends for Party Matching.

Here you got a video of the Game


Watch the Video try the Game and +1 it at the Steamstore  =)

If you got any Questions just ask hier in the Thread or ad me in steam

last but not least, pls no flames or hating in here.
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+1 that game is worth testing!

its fast paced, its fun, its tactical

and the best thing is its free!

check it out

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yes please
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need team ;d
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Auf gehts Leute richtig geiles Spiel!!

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++ nice!
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up in VS! gogo play!
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Yes, do it!
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its in VS Nao! go for it!!
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+1, please!
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i has been in VS for quiet some days but no one actually signed up there :<
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