Wednesday, 12/10

FIFA 11 | 14:25
WickyBG again!!! He was the great winner of High Level CompetitionIn the last period of FIFA 2011, WickyBG bring us with win, and win and one more win. Three competitions that he got in the lasts weeks, may make him one the most regular players in FIFA 2011. Anyway, in this competition he will receive a special award given by Turtle Entertainment: R.A.T. 7 Gaming Mouse. Completing the Top3, we can see RadiuM as 2nd placed and BeBe as 3rd. We want to give a big thank to whole players which played between us the last FIFA 2011 competition.

Tuesday, 11/10

FIFA 11 | 15:16
EMS IX FIFA11: The GroupstageIt's the time to announce the name of the 24 players of the groupstage from where the top 12 players will meet each other in the play-off. Only a few weeks and we'll know who they are. Let's see the details.

Monday, 10/10

FIFA 11 | 14:55
Mixed Teams Championship: WickyBG wins!The most competitive series in the last months already end. WickyBG was the great winner. With 3400 points he got the 1st place, with some advantage from BeBe (2000 points) and SiKe (1250 points), completing the Top3.

Friday, 07/10

FIFA 11 | 14:20
Summer Cup 2011: WickyBG wonWickyBG was the great winner of Summer Cup 2011. In this hot summer he was the best players, ensuring the 1st place in that amazing competitions. The 2nd placed was nickiiiiiiii, and the 3rd, Siggo. We want to thank to all players, and especially to the big winner and the remaining Top3.

Monday, 26/09

FIFA 11 | 17:52
EMS IX FIFA11: QR2 participantsThe first round was completed successfully. 24 players played against each other and the winners qualified themselves to the next round.

Sunday, 25/09

FIFA 11 | 01:38
High Level Competition: Playoffs onlineAfter we close all of the matchdays, it's time to close this beautiful competition. For now, we will count with the 1st and 2nd placed players in groupstage. Please, follow all of deadlines. Good luck and thank you for your games.

Monday, 19/09

FIFA 11 | 21:27
EMS IX FIFA11: The qualified playersThe Qualification Round 1 in the ninth season of the ESL Major Series begin today. After the National and European qualifiers we would like to announce the name of the qualified players who will fight against each other in this season.

Tuesday, 13/09

FIFA 11 | 22:17
Mixed Teams Championship - Germany Cup drawnHere is the last cup of that fantastic season. Please, check the teams and good luck.

Thursday, 08/09

FIFA 11 | 20:16
Laginspect: Teamplay ladders rule changeSince the beginning until now, when the players didn't upload the laginspect file, the Admin responsible for the checkmatches fixed 3 penalty points to the team. Now, it changed. Please, read news to know how it works from now.
FIFA 11 | 20:04
Laginspect: warnsAfter a month of using ESL Wire Laginspect most of you seem to understand how it works and what programs you are allowed to use.

Tuesday, 06/09

FIFA 11 | 23:32
Mixed Teams Championship - Portugal Cup drawnWe are running to the end of the Mixed Teams Cup. Now, we will have the Portugal Cup before the end of that season. Please, check the teams and play between the official deadlines. Have fun!
FIFA 11 | 13:53
Mixed Teams Championship: Germany CupAnd here is the last Cup of the Mixed Teams Championship. We are very happy to bring you that fantastic competition, and we hope that you enjoyed with it. So, for now, we leave you with the last information.

Friday, 02/09

FIFA 11 | 10:18
High Level Competition: Groupstage onlineThe High Level Competition is about to start! Like we already said in a former news post, this will be one of the last FIFA11 Cups!! So manage your best formations, grab your best players and deafet every player to win a R.A.T.5 Gaming Mouse! We hope you enjoyed all the cups we brought you the last few months, because there will be alot more when FIFA12 will be played on ESL. Let the High Level games begin!!

Tuesday, 30/08

FIFA 11 | 00:02
Mixed Teams Championship - Portugal CupWe are running to the end of these cups. Now, we are announce the next one: Portugal Cup. We have a little change in the deadlines. The sign ups will start 72h before the cup starts, and will end 12h before the cup starts. Please, play attention to the new details.

Monday, 29/08

FIFA 11 | 22:34
Mixed Teams Championship - Italy Cup is running!Please, check the news to know what are the teams to play. Good luck and have fun!
FIFA 11 | 00:50
Summer Series: Playoffs online!After a good Groupstage, with a lot of games and players running to get the ticket to the playoffs, it's time to find who will be the big winner of Summer Series FIFA 2011. Please, check into that news the deadlines and main information to the cup. We wish you good luck and have fun.

Saturday, 27/08

FIFA 11 | 19:54
EMS IX FIFA11: 1on1 European QualifierWe hope that every FIFA players got home from the holiday because the newest EMS Season starts now!! New season, new challenges, new chances for new prizes.
FIFA 11 | 14:05
Mixed Teams Championship - France Cup startsThe French Cup is full, so it's time to get the ball running. Check this news to know what are the teams to play. Fairplay! Good luck!
FIFA 11 | 13:44
Mixed Teams Championship - Spanish Cup startsYou already can play to the Spanish Cup. Please, check that news to know what are the mandatory teams. Good luck and have fun!
FIFA 11 | 13:12
High Level Competition: Sign upAfter our presentation, it's time to open the sign ups. It will be the last FIFA competition in that season, so we hope to have a lot of players signing up. Read full news for more info.

Thursday, 25/08

FIFA 11 | 15:16
Mixed Teams Championship: Italy CupWe don't stop. Now, we want to give you the Italy Cup. Please, check again the information and sign up.
FIFA 11 | 15:01
Mixed Teams Championship: France and Spanish Cups - Signups until tomorrowFrom now, you will have until final of tomorrow to signup in both cups. Please, read all of informations and if you are interest in, we will have the pleasure to accept you in the competitions. The games will be announced after the draw.

Tuesday, 23/08

FIFA 11 | 01:09
Mixed Teams Championship: France CupAt the same time that will be played the Spanish Cup, we are here to announce the France Cup. We want to promote more and more competitiveness and activity between all of community. Join us and have fun!
FIFA 11 | 01:09
Mixed Teams Championship - Spanish CupAfter England, we will travel to Spain. This is another big challenge for your. Please, read the main information again, to be clear about the procedures and deadlines.
FIFA 11 | 00:21
High Level CompetitionOf course you all know that FIFA11 is coming to an end and FIFA12 is almost there, with the Demo also dropping very soon. Before it will be released the ESL FIFA team wants to announce a new cup with a prize to win! The cup will be in group stages and have a playoff at the end. You can pick any team that you like to play with.

Monday, 22/08

FIFA 11 | 13:35
Intensive Challenge: BeBe was the great winner!After a good night playing for that cup, BeBe was the great winner. He won from AlexDreamerOdd, Shark0905, Giovy_1006, Shevjke, Tibco_low (Winner Bracket's final) and, in the big final, from Thebestboss. Congratulations to BeBe for that fantastic performance. We hope to see all of the players signed up again, in the future cups.

Tuesday, 16/08

FIFA 11 | 02:06
Laginspect: Rule is 100% mandatory!As we announce in last week, the laginspect task will be 100% mandatory since today. Please, don't forget to open your FIFA 2011 from ESL Wire and upload the laginspect file. Read again all of the rule and if you have some doubt, contact us.

Wednesday, 10/08

FIFA 11 | 15:01
New rules: Laginspect *UPDATE*We heard your opinions about a few rules here at ESL. We as a community (Administrators, players, partners) are here to discuss all of your points to provide everybody competitiveness and fun to the max!

Tuesday, 09/08

FIFA 11 | 14:40
Custom FormationsThis is a rule reminder for Custom Formations.

Monday, 08/08

FIFA 11 | 02:05
1on1 Intensive ChallengeWe don't want that you going on holidays on FIFA. So, we have another challenge to you. That new tournament will be in double-elimination, to bring more games and more competitiveness. Are you ready? Check whole details.
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