Mixed Teams Championship: WickyBG wins!
The most competitive series in the last months already end. WickyBG was the great winner. With 3400 points he got the 1st place, with some advantage from BeBe (2000 points) and SiKe (1250 points), completing the Top3.

Mixed Teams Championship

You can access to whole competitions data from this DATA FILE . Here you can check what were the Top6 of whole stages, and the final ranking with all players that got points during the Championship.

How it worked?

Number of cup's: 6
Point per cup:
1st Placed: 1000 points
2nd Placed: 800 points
3rd Placed: 600 points
4th Placed: 400 points
5th Placed: 150 points
6th Placed: 50 points

Special Note: To fix the 5h and 6th places, we will have in count the following parameters:

1st - Who have the best goal average, get the 5th place.
2nd - Who lost by the lowest number of goals, get the 5th place.
3rd - Who scored more goals in that round, get the 5th place.
4th - Who has less penalty points, get the 5h place.
5th - 1 game between the 2 players, to determine the 5th placed.


1st England Cup
2nd Spanish Cup
3rd France Cup
4th Italy Cup
5th Portuguese Cup
6th Germany Cup

Don't forget to request your prize, writing a Support Ticket to us.

Kind Regards,
Staff Europe
Shevjke, Monday, 10/10/11 14:55
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