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17/07 20:00kacsa7 vs. AndResoN10 

Wednesday, 14/10

FIFA 09 | 00:21
EMS V FIFA 09 European QualifiersThe signups for the european qualifiers are open, don't miss the opportunity. Before signup read the following note.

Monday, 05/10

FIFA 09 | 13:56
EMS V Serbian Qualifiers, 1on1 & 5on5This news only concerns the Serbian players, for these players I ask special attention.

Saturday, 22/08

FIFA 09 | 22:13
New rules edit (Pause Game) and team mates gamesThis is a very short news. Just to inform you guys about some new things.
FIFA 09 | 13:35
Winners of 5on5 Summer CupI happy to announce that we had a very good 5on5 cup. I think I can say it was one of the best 5on5 tournaments.
FIFA 09 | 13:11
TorreS Wins Weekend Cup #5Another weekend and another cup for the FIFA players, signup now! We offer Premium Accounts to the best players!

Tuesday, 11/08

FIFA 09 | 22:18
No Classic teamsIt has come to my attention that since last week players started using Classic teams. Well, this is not allowed so do read to be fully updated.

Friday, 24/07

FIFA 09 | 16:58
SummerLeagues: Groups and RulesThe Summer surprised us already with some very hot days. Many people are in holidays and the rest that has to stay at home wants some entertainment. All those people signed in for the Summer League and we can now present you the groups and the rules for this Summer League.

Monday, 20/07

FIFA 09 | 19:27
5on5 Surf is up!The 32 slots for the 5on5 Summer Cup have been taken so it´s time to present the teams and kick-off things.

Saturday, 18/07

FIFA 09 | 11:07
5on5 goes to SummerDon´t think we have forgotten the 5on5 format for the Summer Cups. But please if you are a team manager read this with a lot of attention.

Wednesday, 15/07

FIFA 09 | 15:44
ESL FIFA09 Summer LeagueAfter the beach and before going to party, what else than an ESL Match. It is why ESL EU FIFA 09 staff proudly presents the 1on1 and 2on2 Summer League. Do not watch TV, play on ESL.

Sunday, 12/07

FIFA 09 | 19:06
Out of Sync - RuleWith this new rule we will be able to put the fairness back on track, when an "Out of Sync" ticket is submitted. Here is the new rule:

Friday, 26/06

FIFA 09 | 14:41
Spring Leagues: The best onesOur spring leagues successfully finished after 2,5 months and with lot of played matches. In total, we delivered five and half years of premium in these leagues. Let's see who were the best ones in 1on1, 2on2 and Clanwars.

Monday, 25/05

FIFA 09 | 23:55
Most Matches Competition - JuneAre you an active player / team here in the FIFA09 section? Every month we reward the most active player/team through the Most Matches Competition. Find out which ladder will be used this month!

Thursday, 07/05

FIFA 09 | 23:21
Knock-Out Series IVWhile the best teams are playing in EMS, the non-qualified teams have also their own competition. We present the KOS page and its upcoming challenges!

Friday, 24/04

FIFA 09 | 21:22
Winter Leagues winners: Wepepote and DELTAThe Winter Leagues what we started in January more than with 400 players and 67 teams now ended. Let's inspect the final results.

Tuesday, 21/04

FIFA 09 | 21:48
QR2 is here!Only some matches are left in the QR1, so we are able to announce the QR2. Remember only who wins will be able to make it to the groupstage, the losers will play the KOS.

Saturday, 11/04

FIFA 09 | 13:09
Player NationalityThis is a very small news but with a high importance factor. Every manager MUST read this with max attention in order to avoid future problems.

Friday, 10/04

FIFA 09 | 20:43
Transfer Window #2Going to the main stage of ESL EMS IV FIFA 09 it is time to re-open the transfer window.

Saturday, 04/04

FIFA 09 | 12:08
About Protest creation (very important)It has come to my attention that most of the players don´t know how to make a proper protest. You may think "Oh but I do", hum... probably not as well as you think so please take some minutes of your time and read this important news.

Sunday, 29/03

FIFA 09 | 15:36
Drolaz won Weekend Cup #4Another weekend and another cup for the FIFA players, signup now! We offer Premium Accounts to the best players!

Friday, 27/03

FIFA 09 | 22:59
Wepepote won the Tactical cupThe second week of March started with a special cup. Its name was Tactical Cup. Was special because of that because the players may have chosen from only 8 teams during the whole cup. We are very happy because all 256 place filled up. The cup ended after roughly 2 weeks. Let us inspect the final results.

Tuesday, 24/03

FIFA 09 | 02:20
Spring Leagues - Brackets OnlineSpring is almost here and with the new season, new tournaments! Enjoy the Spring with ESL FIFA Cups, signup now!

Thursday, 12/03

FIFA 09 | 12:26
FIFA 09 1on1 added to EMS IVLast week we announced the fourth season of the ESL Major Series. Over 150 teams and 1,000 players took part in eleven tournaments of the last ESL Major Series. We wanted to expand this popular event even more and added new disciplines. Today we announce an additional title: FIFA 09 will also be a part of the upcoming ESL Major Series IV and features €750.
FIFA 09 | 00:14
EMS Specific RulesWith the announce of EMS for FIFA 09 now comes along the specific rules of the competition.

Friday, 06/03

FIFA 09 | 23:00
ESL Major Series with FIFA againIn the fourth season of the ESL Major Series again the football game FIFA takes part. There is 1.750 Euro prize money amount for FIFA this season. We wish all players good luck and hope to see a lot of thrilling and tight matches during the fourth season.

Monday, 02/03

FIFA 09 | 21:57
Brackets Online - Tactical CupTime for new challenge FIFA players! We present a new cup for the tactical players! Atention to the teams that you must use in game!

Saturday, 28/02

FIFA 09 | 12:39
KarteKpL speakingToday we present you another interview, this time with KarteKpL, a top european player.

Tuesday, 24/02

FIFA 09 | 12:07
Burakinho won Carnival CupCarnival is celebrated here on ESL, this afternoon you can play FIFA 09 with us! Only signup if you are aware of rules and fair-play.

Monday, 23/02

FIFA 09 | 13:08
Winter Leagues PlayoffsAfter an huge groupstage, the playoffs arrived and now only the win matters. Remember we are giving to the best players Premium Accounts so fight hard to be the Winter Champion.

Monday, 16/02

FIFA 09 | 11:22
SK Gaming won the SupercupThis sunday we had running the Supercup between EMS and KOS Winners: SK vs. myR. The German team was the strongest one and confirmed their strenght in ESL Europe.

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