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Happy Birthday to you...
You want your own cup with your friends, maps, modus and your special game? You can request it with a support ticket. It's not just some cup it's your cup in your birthday month. The cup is only for female gaming players.
We want to present you your own birthday cup in the month of your birthday. It's your own personal birthday cup so you invite your friends. But having birthday is not enough because if you have birthday you have to buy some drinks and snacks. You have to plan and organize your birthday cup just like your party. If you want your own birthday cup you have to follow the following steps.

Conditions for the birthday child:

  • Gameaccount: entered gameaccount (f.e. type SteamID CSS/HL2 or E-Mail address for MSN)
  • Gender: female
  • Barrage: A player which has more than 12 penalty points or has a barrage because of cheating, fake account or something else is not allowed to participate in the cup

  • How can I request my birthday cup?

    Please request your birthday cup at least 2 weeks before your prefered date with a support ticket. Your prefered date should be in your birthday month.

    Your support ticket should include the following information:

    Please keep in mind that your cup does not start within the next 2 weeks after you have sent us your ticket.

    How many players and who can join?

    The birthday child provides a list of all players for the cup. The players from that list will get an invitation from us. Until 3 days before the cup is starting you have to confirm your participation in the cup. If the cup is not full with invited players we will open the cup for the female community to sign-up.

    Restrictions for invited players:

    Restrictions for players after opening the cup for the community:

    Request your own birthday cup

    For general questions you can ask us in IRC #esl.female (Quakenet).

    //Your Admin Team
    imp, Sunday, 04/03/12 18:25
    Request your own birthday cup
    comments (10)
    my friends all have 12 penalty points -.-
    JeNnY wrote:
    my friends all have 12 penalty points -.-

    JeNnY wrote:
    my friends all have 12 penalty points -.-

    xD no luck !
    JeNnY wrote:
    my friends all have 12 penalty points -.-

    u dont have friends lqlqlqlqlql :D <3
    nCL wrote:
    JeNnY wrote:
    my friends all have 12 penalty points -.-

    u dont have friends lqlqlqlqlql :D <3

    how did you notice?
    you are the female without friends hahahha ;)
    sad but true xD
    finally someone who tells the truth, thx jenny :D

    this is what i think about it
    2 edits
    i lol'd. i lol'd hard! X'D
    thanks jenny und charline hahahaha
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