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Long time ago ...
In 2009 we started our female esl eu section. In these three years a lot has changed, we had a lot of good but also bad times, but throughout these years we have established ourself and survived, moreover we have even gained some female players. But with time comes change and over these past years a lot has happend.

With this news, we would like to keep you up to date about our European Female Admin Staff.
One of our most established admins was Isa. She wanted to create a new section at the beginning of the year 2009. In the next years we had so many cups, ladders and special cups. For example we had the first season of the country championship and we also had our ESL Female League Europe. 2011... A year with our 2nd season of the Country Championship and our special season cups. It is not importat about what season we talk about, the most important point is that it was one person who made these cups possible,Isa. So it is sad to conclude that after all these great years she will be leaving us.

European Female Admin Staff

But it is no time to cry. We have a lot of new European Female Admins who do their best for our section.
Nick: Ares
Name: Davide
Age: 20 Years
Country: Italy
Nick: dNN
Name: Dennis
Age: 23 Years
Country: Germany

Nick: Qlka
Name: Magdalena
Age: 24 Years
Country: Poland
Nick: aGiie.
Name: Agnieszka
Age: 22 Years
Country: Poland

Nick: K0rN
Name: Daniel
Age: 25 Years
Country: Germany
Nick: imp
Name: Anica
Age: 26 Years
Country: Germany

For general questions you can ask us in IRC #esl.female (Quakenet).

//Your Admin Team
imp, Sunday, 03/06/12 15:00
EU Female Section
comments (9)
Goodbye Isa! :( We will miss youu, such a great admin and lovely person! Thank you for all your support in everything, you've done a great job! Good Luck in whatever you choose to do now!

I look forward to see the EU Female section stay alive :D hopefully there will continue to be lots of cups (CS:S ones please!!!!) :) keep up the good work!
so sad shes gone, since she did quite a lot of work for the female section :(

but you gotta say... i got a lovely pic :D
Auf wiedersehen und alles Gute !
Oh, how nice... was surprised by this news <3 Thank you, dear admins, and thanks to all the players who helped to keep the section alive. I met nice people from all over Europe, especially in the Country Championship and I was happy for a long time to be a female admin. Maybe we can chat sometimes in Steam or something :)
the picture from K0rN is very suitable for a adminteam
FranZi'- wrote:
the picture from K0rN is very suitable for a adminteam

that's how I roll ;)
YEAHHHH u did it ISA :)
Great, because it was waisted time and u know it...
Females want everything and never say "Thank u"...only if u do what they want...
I feel better without this stress.

What r u going to do now?
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Mh, some girls said thank you! Especially from other countries where they don't have a huge female scene (hi to the girls from UK and Italy! :D)

I will stay in the ESL, but I will work behind the scenes now... in other sections, I left ESL Europe and concentrate now on ESL Germany, we will see where this will lead me... :))

Ofc it was often a hard time, much work and a lot of stress in the female section, but I loved it for a long long time. But now it's enough, sometimes we just have to grab our bag and go to find something new!

good way :)

good luck!
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