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Cups at the Weekend
It is Friday, 13th! A bad omen for the cups at the weekend? There is just one way to find that out! Join our cups at the weekend! As every week, here is the list what is coming up!

ESL Cups at the Weekend (13th - 15th April 2012)

21:00 CEST: Blub Spring League Signup ends! Signup
22:00 CEST: StarCraft II 1on1 Late Night Cup #85 Signup

19:30 CEST: MSN Games Bowling Cup Marathon Signup
20:00 CEST: JK:JA 1on1 Saber Late night cup Signup

14:00 CEST: StarCraft II Go4SC2 Cup #189
14:00 CEST: LoL EU West Go4LoL Cup #85 Signup
15:00 CEST: Blub Game 1on1 Cup Series v23 Signup
15:00 CEST: LoL EU East&Nordic Go4LoL Cup #85 Signup
15:00 CEST: World of Tanks Go4WoT Cup 43 Signup
16:00 CEST: TMNF Teams EMS X Quali Cup #2 Signup
18:00 CEST: Battlefield 3 Night Cup #11 Signup
18:00 CEST: Female CoD 4 Springcup 2012 Signup
19:00 CEST: StarCraftII Bronze/Silver Cup #257 Signup
19:00 CEST: Teeworlds Deathmatch 1on1 revival2 Signup
19:00 CEST: SC 2 1on1 Gold/Platinum Cup #249 Signup
19:00 CEST: Combat Arms S&D Spring - QR #2 Signup
20:00 CEST: Blub Game 2on2 FunCup #7 Signup
20:00 CEST: MW3 S&D 5on5 Nightcup #13 Signup

good luck!
// Your Cup Squad

Sn4kE, Friday, 13/04/12 20:37
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