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Forum rules
Author Posting

We want to have a friendly and serious accent. For this, the following rules have to be followed:

* CAPITALISATION is used in the forum, an email or an instant messanger as scream and according to this its sense is unfriendly for many people.
* You have to use a serious language without obscenity, innuendos or other contact, which could be conceived as offense, are forbidden
* Threats, offenses, personal attacks, trolling (aspersions used to sensible threads with the aim to force a conflict) and flame wars are not allowed. Who gets attacked in such a way should not react, but contact an admin with an url to the post.
* Private problems should be solved outside of the forum and the esl.

Posting rules

A violation against the rules follows in the deletion of the posts and / or topics, the closing and in the worst case, penalty points.

The following stuff is not allowed in this forum:

* In the ESL EU area, everyone has to write in english, posts in other languages will be deleted
* Advertising, no matter if it is private or commercial
* URLs containing illegal content or content rated over 18
* Sponsor searches
* Spam, offenses, flames and so on
* Publishing content of protest or support requests

Everyone who is active in this forum must follow the rules of the netiquette!

The basics

The forum should not be used for protests or requests to the admins. If you need to talk with an admin please use the support form or contact us via IRC. Threads with such contents will be closed and in some situations deleted.

Users, who produce massive spam will be warned and will be banned during futher offenses from the forum. Posts with public criminations where no official decision was made should not be posted here. Exceptions are serious and objective discussions which are written in a serious accent, this also counts for threads pointing to an admin.

For member- and clan searches we have a special forum. It is not possible for us to move a thread. In order to this, we have to close or delete a thread in this topic.

New users in the esl should read the FAQ first. Most of all questions will be answered there. If your question was not answered by the FAQ, you have different ways to contact an admin.

Important informations

The ESL Female forum allows you to discuss on different topics. It is one of many possibilities in the community to communicate with different players and admins in the ESL. To have the best possible overview on recent posts and informations we want to introduce new and existing informations how to use this forum and the ESL system.

Best regards
ESL Female Admin Team

expect the unexpected

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