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Female CS:S Country Championship - Matchday 4
Matchday 4 brings some changes into our competition, first of all we have to make a sad announcement. One team had to leave the tournament because of missing players, Team Austria says goodbye and wants to come back in the next season. But for all other teams the fight for the next 3 points is going on. Who will win on 4th matchday?

Topmatch of the week

This weeks's match of the week will be the ecounter between Russia CS:S and Spain. The russian girls could finally win their first points against the german team and are very motivated to meet the spanish girls on de_train. De_train is a good CT map, so probably the knife round will already make the decision about loss or win. We can expect some nice AWP moves on the platforms, who will aim first?

Sunday, 16/10/11 20:00
Status: closed

 Spain (#5)[16:14] Russia CS:S (#6)

Encounters of the 4th matchday

16.10.11 20:00 CET
Germany vs.Poland

16.10.11 22:30 CET
Portugal vs. United Kingdom

Here you can find all Matches of the groupstage. Click your favorite game!

All matches can of course be spectated via Source TV, which will be announced on the match sheet.

We wish all teams a good start and to have a lot of fun! Don't forget, that they need your support, so watch the matches and be good cheerleaders.

This season will be legen - wait for it - dary!

***You have a female CS:S team and are interested in playing against other females? We invite you to join our CS:S 5on5 Ladder***!

//your Admin Team
Isa, Friday, 14/10/11 15:16
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