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CS 1.6 Female 5on5 Ladder - Changes
Maybe some of you already noticed that the activity in our Female CS 1.6 5on5 Ladder went down to nearly zero in the last weeks and months. Therefore we want to announce some changes. What these changes are we want to tell you within this news so keep reading on.

CS 1.6 5on5 Ladder

As already written in the introduction of this news the activity in our Female CS 1.6 5on5 Ladder went down to nearly zero. So we tried to find some reasons and of course solutions how to increase the activity again. Our results are the following:

  • We will do a complete stats reset of all teams
  • We will activate the auto-challenger for sundays 20 CET
  • de_mirage added to the mappool

  • With these changes we hope to get more teams into the ladder to play more matches. If you have any further wishes or ideas which could make the ladder more attractive for more teams please comment right under this news or open a Support Ticket.

    5on5 CS 1.6 Female Ladder - Sign-Up

    The stats reset and the activation of the auto-challenger will be done one the 04.06.2012.

    We wish you a lot of fun!
    Your Admin Team
    dNN, Monday, 04/06/12 20:00
    Female CS 1.6 5on5 Ladder
    Female CS 1.6 5on5 Ladder - SignUp
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    have fun!
    n1 :)
    very good
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