France Female vs. United Kingdom
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 France Female
 United Kingdom
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MatchID 24028886
Date Wednesday, 28/09/11 22:15
Calculated 29/09/11 01:23
map de_dust2
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16 : 6
France Female wins !
Points +3 : 0
29/09/11 02:33
uploaded with ESL Wire Screen - (Before Timeout)*
130 kB, 29/09/11 02:33, by Abiii (UK)
28/09/11 23:05
uploaded with ESL Wire Screen - ESLStatus.jpg*
94 kB, 28/09/11 23:05, by AMANDiiNEE'P (FRA)
28/09/11 23:17
uploaded with ESL Wire Screen - Round 1.jpg*
216 kB, 28/09/11 23:17, by Abiii (UK)
28/09/11 23:05
uploaded with ESL Wire Screen - Round 1.jpg*
83 kB, 28/09/11 23:05, by AMANDiiNEE'P (FRA)
28/09/11 23:38
uploaded with ESL Wire Screen - Round 2.jpg*
184 kB, 28/09/11 23:38, by Abiii (UK)
28/09/11 23:02
uploaded with ESL Wire Screen - Round 2.jpg*
82 kB, 28/09/11 23:02, by KLy (FRA)
28/09/11 23:30
Demo - SourceTV*
14.1 MB, 28/09/11 23:30, by Sephi (FRA)
* No longer available
France Female


Aphro D



United Kingdom





United Kingdom
27/09/11 21:35
Pre-Match Statement
So here it is, the match that everyone looks forward to the most, the match against France female ;).

This game has been brought forward from Playday 3, as unfortunately we had to use our first Wildcard of the Championship as one of the UK's girls has commitments elsewhere in this wonderful world!

Last week we were over the moon to get our first win in this tournament in our first match, with a great game against Spain. Now, we hope to continue along on the same path, but as every game we will go into, we expect a challenge, and as everyone knows the French ladies are the ones to beat this year after they secured the victory with all wins in Season 1 of the Championship!

Last year against France,the UK girls managed to fight and win 8 rounds against this outstanding team, now this year, back with a new line-up, the UK girls believe we are better and stronger than before, even though we have not been together for long. Hopefully we can make this very close and give the French ladies a great fight and an interesting game! ;p

Good Luck and Have Fun Ladies!! :)

Champagneeee! ;D
France Female
27/09/11 21:28
Pre-Match Statement
Hello everyone,

For this third Playday played earlier, we will face the friendly team of UK.
It is with great surprise that we all have heard the result of the match between them and Team Spain.
It is therefore with great distrust that we will approach this game on a relatively random map.
Hope that luck will be on our side.

May the best team wins.


27/09/11 18:25
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comments (16)
gl girls :D AmandiiNe gl noob hahahaha :D
go go france!! :D
gl every one! really looking forward to this game! may the best team win <3
have fun ;)
gl france!!
gl ladies
go go Abiii :D
blanktv down ?!
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stv down
upd: stv on
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gg Abiiii
GG les filles !
GG Amandiineeeeeeeee :p, GG girls - I hope us girls can play against you again sometime in maybe pracc war!

<3 wp
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