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Female CS:S Country Championship - Matchday 5
Wow,it's already the 5th matchday of our little nice CS:S Female Country Championship, the time goes so fast! This week the teams will meet on the italian summer map de_tuscan. When we look at our thermometer it's not warm at all, so this map will bring us hopefully a change to the cold weather outside.

Topmatch of the week

This week we will see some "neighbours" playing against each other, I'm talking about the iberian teams from Spain and Portugal. Although they do not really use the same language they have a friendly relationship and know the playstyle of each other very well. We can be sure that this match will be very exciting for the players and for the spectators. Let's see which team can dominate de_tuscan!

Sunday, 23/10/11 20:00
Status: closed

 Spain (#5)[16:6] Portugal (#4)

Encounters of the 5th matchday

23.10.11 20:00 CET
United Kingdom vs. Russia - CSS Female

23.10.11 20:30 CET
France Female vs. Germany CS:S

Rematch of 4th matchday

Because of a rule violation there will be a rematch of the 4th matchday.

23.10.11 23:00 CET
Portugal vs. United Kingdom

Here you can find all Matches of the groupstage. Click your favorite game!

All matches can of course be spectated via Source TV, which will be announced on the match sheet.

We wish all teams a good start and to have a lot of fun! Don't forget, that they need your support, so watch the matches and be good cheerleaders.

This season will be legen - wait for it - dary!

***You have a female CS:S team and are interested in playing against other females? We invite you to join our CS:S 5on5 Ladder***!

//your Admin Team
Isa, Saturday, 22/10/11 12:30
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