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Reminder: important rules in the female section
We are starting now our winter cups and also in the ladders there are many female players who play a lot of matches. That is why we want to remind you some of our rules that are very important but are broken frequently. Please read this news to be sure you don't make any mistakes, many times these mistakes can lead to a match deletion.

Voice obligation

In all of our ladders and cups the presence in the official ESL Female Teamspeak 3 is obligated, what means: if you play matches you have always to be online there, of course you are not allowed to mute yourself all the time. This means, you need a working headset with microphone to play female matches, there are no exceptions. Be sure that your microphone and your teamspeak 3 work correctly. If you don't appear in teamspeak your opponent can open a protest and refuse to play against you. Very important is, that you open a protest before you start the match, after the match complaints about breaking this rule are not allowed and will not lead to anything.

In 1on1 matches you don't have to share a channel with your opponent if you don't want to, but you have to be available to respond all the time.

Wire Anti-Cheat

Wire Anti-Cheat is mandatory in all matches that are supported by Wire Anti-Cheat. Before the match you have to check if it works correctly. Very important is that Wire uploads after the match automatically "Linesman Logentries" where your opponents can take a look at your configs etc. To secure that your Linesman Logentries are visible for your opponents and for the admins. Take care that in your config folder
  • The total size of all configs may not be larger than 200kb
  • One file may not larger than 50kb
  • The maximum amount of config files is 30

  • If your Linesman Logentries don't show your configs correctly this will lead to a match deletion and penalty points.


    Before you start to play be sure that all the configs in your game folder correspond to the rulebook. It does not matter if you tell us "but I didn't load this config", all wrong settings that appear in the Linesman Logentries and are reported by your opponent will be punished! You ask why? Well, we can't see which configs you load during a match, that is why ALL configs have to be clean of wrong or forbidden settings!

    Default Wins?

    Many times it happens that especially in the 1on1 ladders some of you just enter a win if your opponent does not show up, this is wrong! There are no default wins in our ladders! Default Wins can only be given by admins, not by yourself, and only in cups! If you enter yourself a default win it can be punished as fake result.

    We hope we could help you with this news to follow our rulebook and to avoid match deletions and penalty points! Anyway, we wish you much fun in our section!

    //your Admin Team
    Isa, Monday, 23/01/12 13:59
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