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#12 | 22/06/11 20:39

ChatM11 wrote:
Yes speak ....... i have Played and now i see other thing , i turned the paged , you say i sucked , maybe but just look my screenshot on xfire and you will see always + 100 kills and always 1 by round .... without hack and i sucked i loooooooool
And you , i played vs you after no played Fear since 2 years ; Draw vs you and u win after for 1 or 2 kills ( you have used glitch nades armor on docks for win ), woooooooow gg respect pro gamer , if you come at cod7 or bfbc2 i own your Hass ( you will make 0 kills but a lots a die yes .....)
you say " you have played cod4,cod5,quakelive,cod 1546,c2,fear2,bf2,bc2,brink with 8800 gt omg with how many fps ( 10 fps in game ) normal this sux man
and for finish why you speak about my children ?? , you know it .... ?? you know my life ???? , and you , you have times for our girlfriend ........... ( i no say bad thing because i respect your girlfriend )
Me i have a life but you only FEAR

please dont ruin the forum, its not appropriated, use private mail and stop talking here, its not the purpose on the subject!
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