Summer Series - Grand Finals
Here we are at the end of the path. Summer Series are going to its end, with last games in this seasonal cup. Best teams of their respective cup took the place and now It's the time to rock the cup's floor and punch some holes into enemy helmets! This is going to be the last seasonal series based on cups and we are sure that teams are ready to show community their best tactics and skills. Which teams will defend their title and make it to the top? Stay tuned!

6on6 Match Cup #1: Team Decerto ET vs sticked

Sunday, 09/09/12 21:10
Status: closed

  Team Decerto ET (#1) [4:2]  sticked (#2)

Road to final
Team Decerto ET sticked
4:0 vs Sagapo
4:0 vs iNm.et
2:0 vs Synergy.ET

0:4 vs Effectus
2:0 vs Lost Soldiers
1:0 vs iNm.et
4:2 vs Effectus
1:0 vs Synergy.ET

Statements & Predictions

saKen from Team Decerto ET
We haven't been playing much since the Evolution Challenge ended, we've had a couple guys going on holiday and An7ho will be moving to a new appartment soon. We're hoping to win the game but know that we shouldn't underrate sticked, especially on their homemap missile they can definitely bring a surprise. I still expect us to take the game 4-0 though, anything less would be a disappointment. Players to watch: JALLAAAAAA / Provok

Docrom from sticked
We didn't play that much this summer (only official matches) due to some of our members going in holidays etc.. Decerto looks very strong on the paper and they play together since a very long time so we'll probably loose it 4-0 or 4-2 depending of the maps but we'll do our best to bring a nice match to watch for the spectators. This summer will end with another pocal for us (3 in total !) so we are really happy! Concerning the player to watch on our side, I'll go for Skynet because I think he's one of the best french rifle at the moment and I hope the next french captain will give him a try for the Nations Cup.

6on6 Cup #2: erAse.et vs Mysterious Monkeys W:ET

Monday, 10/09/12 21:30
Status: closed

  erAse.et (#1) [4:2]  Mysterious Monk.. (#2)

Road to final
erAse.et Mysterious Monkeys
4:0 vs Enhanced-Gaming
4:2 vs sereNityy
4:0 vs Mysterious Monkeys W:ET

4:2 vs mikehs low gamers
4:0 vs Team Keen
0:4 vs erAse.et
4:2 vs mikehs low gamers

Statements & Predictions

esSe from erAse.et
We're praccing quite alot recently, and we are getting better little by little. I expect us to win, but i also thought that when we faced them in the CB summer grand final, and we got beat. Guess it will all come down to the form of the day of both teams. Still im predicting a 4-2 win for erAse. Players to watch: toNi & Nips.

RAMOZ from Mysterious Monkeys W:ET
After our big victory over erAse.et in CB Finals with winning 7:1, we are performing low. It seems like we aren't so motivated in the last games, but it was the same before the CB Final, so maybe for the Final match we are back in shape and can win again vs them. I dont know what i should expect since our last praccs. My opinion is for this Game, it will be a clear 4:0 victory for erAse.et. Player to watch: ohzor4 / Player to laugh: zentic

3on3 Cup #1: red as a beetroot vs oXimize

Sunday, 09/09/12 20:00
Status: closed

  red as a beetro.. (#1) [2:0]  oXimize (#2)

Road to final
red as a beetroot oXimize
4:0 vs oXimize
4:2 vs mAg.team
1:0 vs mPG

0:4 vs red as a beetroot
4:0 vs wiSe-guys
1:0 vs Hungary
4:0 vs mAg.team
1:0 vs mPG

Statements & Predictions

lettu from red as a beetroot:
I cant remember much at all from our previous round 1. game vs them. We havent really pracced at all and walle has probably not touched ET since our last offi that was a while ago. But I think we should have the edge on this match with our experience and having skilled fraggers like filus etc. I predict us towin 4-2. Player to watch walle for some non conventional agressive playstyle or maybe bytheway from their team, hes pretty good player I think.

bytheway from oXimize:
We didn't pracc as a team for a while now so we do not feel like ready to go for it. Wrednydzik is not in shape for some time, same as me and tworzyQ but hope things will go well and we will show some nice teamplay from out side. 4:2 for raab. Player to watch: for headies me and for some awesome engi work wrednydzik.

3on3 Cup #2: Fuck The Namezz vs eXecutors

Sunday, 16/09/12 18:30
Status: closed

  Fuck The Namezz (#1) [4:0]  eXecutors (#2)

Road to final
Fuck The Namezz eXecutors
1:0 vs underrated
4:0 vs PowerPlay
4:2 vs eXecutors

4:0 vs relapse
4:0 vs Idem.et
0:4 vs Fuck The Namezz
1:0 vs underrated

Statements & Predictions

rAmbo from Fuck The Namezz:
We arent playing too good lately. We played exe before and that match was also very close which we won 4-2. I expect a tight game. It could go either way 4-2 to us or them.

Kwiz from eXecutors:
We have met Fuck The Namezz already in Winner Bracket Final, so it will be even harder because we have to win twice. We are hoping ofcourse on win with 4-2 and we will try to do our best. Lately we were not practicing together, since two are still at school and I am working. I have talked with team and we have decided to use our main lineup. Player to watch would be Tohaj or clarkee.

1on1 Cup #1: ToHaj vs Kartez

Monday, 10/09/12 20:00
Status: closed

  ToHaj (#1) [4:0]  Kartez (#2)

Road to final
ToHaj Kartez
4:0 vs Kartez
1:0 vs Docrom

4:0 vs satan
0:4 vs ToHaj
1:0 vs seb1
4:0 vs Karrrde
1:0 vs Docrom

Statements & Predictions

Well i almost stopped playing ET, started playing the new game CounterStrike:Global Offensive. Since that game, my performance is getting worse, trying to get my skill back. It should't be soo hard, will need about a week or two.

I'm not rly active so I dont think I can talk about performance, I expect a tight game as he won our last game. If I practice to get my aim ready I might be able to take it this time.

All possible thanks to our partners!

Good Luck to All teams!
//Your Admin Team
Kwiz, Saturday, 08/09/12 22:49
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