Evolution Challenge - The Teams
The Evolution Challenge is about to start! The first matchweek will start on Monday. In this news we want to present the teams and what they think about the competition. The bracket will be online Monday morning and then we will know who will face each other! Check out what they had to say towards the entire tournament!

The Teams

fixxxer - blurred vision (lineup)
We're happy to take part in Evolution Cup. We're an old team which was reactivated some time ago for CGS LAN. We know each other very well and have been playing together a lot, so I think that with minimum of practice we can face our opponents without fear and we will be able to compete on decent level. ;D

Specula aka Radzix - bSTURZ (lineup)
It is a really great idea to host a tournament like this one, this shows that ET is not dead yet not even in summer :P. But we dont prac for it since its really useless because its impossible to find a decent opponent, so we decided to play only the officials, but still we will give our best and try to perform on a good level. Its really amazing which teams signed up for this tournament for example colt45, bv and junglebrothers with strong lineups. It will be hard against such teams, but we will give our best and try to make it interesting and yeah we cant wait anymore to face our 1st opponent in few days ;). Also there are more good teams in the Evolution Challenge than in the last EuroCup and I cant really say which team will win this. There are four teams on the same level and it will be a hard fight for the victory and in the end I wish every team best of luck and may the best team win this!

KAMZ - colt45 and 2 zig zags! (lineup)
I saw the interest in this cup and decided it was time for me to return to competitive gaming. Team Decerto always delivers great tournaments to play in and spectate so it's nice to be part of that. In terms of our squad, we haven't really decided on our 6th player as of yet and have only really played once since forming but I am confident the team will work as everybody gets on with each other.

Cupra - JoinTheForce - EUNd (lineup)
We haven't really pracced properly lately because of exams and summer holidays, but once we get on track again we should perform well. This cup is an excellent opportunity to prepare ourselves for LAN, as it's stacked with amazing opponents, leaving us with a challenge on par with the incoming LAN.

gifty - Jungle Brothers (lineup)
We are very eager to play this cup and prove ourselves once again. Apart from the addition olbaa we play with the exact same lineup as we did at the cc5. The first two weeks we will play with a slightly different team though, as dialer and myself are on holiday. May the force be with us.

COJIINE - Logic.et (lineup)
Logic is playing for fun ( cause summer and holidays ) but we will try to do our best to finish in the top 5. A lot of good teams are signed up, will be hard for us.

LanGo - Lost Soldiers (lineup)
First of all i have to thank the esl to host such a nice cup and also for the nice support from ozone and team decerto to have a cup with prizes. we see that during the summer et is even more inactive and this cup will make it a bit more comfortable to endure this time :) Our team for this cup will consist of the core players from the last months: laNgo (c), Artifexx, vANQ, vj7o, Buzzer,jo0f. We hope to have a somehow competitive team for this cup. Also mentioning our 2 backups rAKJI & Gnome who will replace at least Buzzer until he will return from holidays.

MAILAMAKE - mPG (lineup)
We are happy to have some summer competition with some cool prizes, think its gonna be really easy win for us based on the teams playing. Would be a big disappointment if we aint winning this!

RAMOZ - Mysterious Monkeys - wNb (lineup)
I think, it will be a nice cup for all attending Teams. I hope we'll see some nice Matches. Nice Teams are playing like JB, mPG, overload or colt45. We, mMonkeys, are prepared well for our goals. Wanna stay as long as possible in the Cup. So gl to all Teams and lets have fun in our Games. Its a nice try to get W:ET more "active" again with so many Cups/LANs in the future!

saKen - - overload gaming (lineup)
We´re looking forward to a new tournament and when there are prizes sponsored there´s always a bit more of a battle and a few more teams trying to take home the win. We haven´t done any special preparations for this cup but we´re obviously going to try to get as far as possible.

Bowler - - Pharaons (lineup)
I think it's nice for the game that there's still some people to make a cup like this one. The prize looks nice and it is a good way to attract people playing a bit more. Concerning our preparation, we are not playing on a regular basis since a few weeks because of holidays, people working or studying. Anyway, when we have an offi we're still able to gather 6 players so i guess that's what we're gonna do for this cup.

Gabri22 - ProGamerS.et (lineup)
We want to have fun and to play versus nice opponents. We know it will be hard, but with the right motivation everything is possible. Also I would like to thank Decerto and Ozone for making this possible!

Testi - Sleeperzzz (lineup)
It's a really nice cup and we are looking forward to play it. The prices are nice and there is some good competition this event. At the moment we are praccing 2 times a week and its going definitely well. also we play a lot of officials to keep our game on. see you on the Battle field!

Docrom - sticked (lineup)
The cup looks nice, great map-pool, a lot of prizes and a pretty good coverage. Concerning our preparation, we were playing actively the last OC/ESL seasons but with the exams and holidays in France we didn't practised that much during the last month and there are really good teams in the tournament so we'll try to do our best ! Good luck and have fun everyone!

mikEHhakaJ4R3k - Team Decerto (lineup)
We didnt really practice much for this cup, we will try to play in cup as long as possible. I hope there will be some good matches for the viewers. Special thanks to Ozone, ESL and Shadow!

nightmare - Tryout (lineup)
I think cup will be good prepared erm what about our team we'll see in matches but i think we can win this :)


The prizes are sponsored by Ozone gaming gear because it is all about evolution!
6x Ozone T-shirts
6x LAN bags with Ozone branding
6x wristbands with Ozone branding
6x Groundlevel Mousepads
The prizes are sponsored by Ozone gaming gear. The Electronic Sports League is not responsible for the prizes. Shipping by Ozone gaming Gear!

All possible thanks to our partners!

Good Luck to all teams!
//Your Admin Team
Sn4kE, Saturday, 07/07/12 09:18
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