Country Championship - Playoffs continue
Matches have been wildcarded and other teams are struggling with the line up due to summer and exams. Nevertheless the Country Championship has to continue! The lower bracket matches have been scheduled - finally. In the meanwhile Finland won against Estonia. Check out what is coming next!

Sunday & Monday

The match between the Netherlands and Hungary has been wildcarded for two times! Finally we got a final match date! Here are the statements:
saKen - Team-Netherlands
We haven't played against the Hungarians for a while and we were surprised to see them taking down UK fairly easy. If they manage to play like they did versus United Kingdom we will have to give it our best to take the win. I'm confident we have a good chance though and we're expecting to advance to the next round.

seb1 - Hungary
I can not really guess what will happen in the match against NL. I didn't really play against them lately, and also I didn't really watch them playing. I guess it will be a close match though if varadi sleeps enough before it.:)

Lower bracket matches

Two matches are coming up. One is already scheduled. Here are the statements:
s1LENT - Team-Germany
We didnt play a single 3on3 with this lineup for months now and I for myself havent touched ET for almost 4 weeks now.Ive never been THAT inactive before,so I might be really bad :D.UK on the other side is still quite active I guess and are therefore not bad at all,so that this match wont be easy,thats for sure.Yet I hope that we and especially I can quickly manage to get back in shape :) Lets hope for a nice match.

Artstar - Team UK
UK roster is quite shaky, different in every match so far and we're definitely having problems due to not actually playing together often enough. though hopefully we can pull together a lineup that will work well as a team for the match. :) looking forward to it anyway since the opponents were always nice!

Poland versus Estonia has been scheduled for Monday at the lastest date but it is also possible that both teams will play tonight. So stay tuned for updates!

Sn4kE, Sunday, 24/06/12 17:26
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