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i want to join the ET 1on1 ladder but i need to enter my game account(etpro guid). Where can i find my etpro guid? please help ASAP ;)

cya ^^
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Connect to an empty ETPro - server, open the console and then enter the following commands:

/condump guids.txt

Afterwards you will find a "guids"-named text - document in your ETPro - folder where your GUID will be listed.

All you will have to do now is add this guid to your ESL - account. To do this follow the following instructions:

Follow this link:
Select "ETPro GUID" at "Type" and enter your GUID behind it.
A screenshot is not necessary as it is you first entry.
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ok tnx for help
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Hello Iknow it`s a stupid question:
How can Ienter the console?
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"Stupid is who stupid does" (=

Its the key left of 1, you usually have a ^ and a ° on it.
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I typed guids, but by guid was <unknown>.Why?
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Are you sure you've executed this command on a server running the etpro competition mod?
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I see the guid of others, but my is <unknown>!
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I probably wont be having an etpro guid also (isnt stated in www.yawn.be) And the reason is actualyl simple... I dont use windows but linux <--- never had a guid when used linux (dunno how it looks on windows though) At least i have a pb guid... Speaking of witch can i use the pb guid instead of the tpro one??
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If you have problems with your GUID and the common system doesn't work, please contact the ESL ET Admins with the support form.
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I can't find ETPro servers
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there you can find your et pro guid -.-
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Yes is very good emoticon-smile =D suck ET =D
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uhm.. ESL says that my ETPro guid has already been registered. how is it possible? and how can i gain a new guid?
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// ESL Admin Team
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salut tout monde
Comment faire pour s'enregistrer ? alors pour commencer clic sur ce lien là :

Après ces deux petites démarches il faut mettre votre
- Etpro guids
- Etpb guids
alors comment faire ?

en Anglais pour les Pro
# To add gameaccounts, click Settings and go to Gameaccounts. Select the type of gameaccount from the list (ETPro GUID and ET PB GUID, enter your complete (ET Pro: 40 figures & ET PB 32 figures) gameaccount (make sure it is correct!) and click Send. You only need to enter a reason and include a screenshot when changing a gameaccount you have already entered.

# How to find the PB Guid
1. Join a Punkbuster enabled server
2. Open the console
3. Type /clear
4. Type /pb_myguid
5. Type /condump pbguid.txt
=> you will find a text document in your ET folder containing the PB Guid
# How to find the ET Pro Guid
1. Join a Punkbuster enabled server with ET PRO 3.2.6
2. Open the console
3. Type /clear
4. Type /guids
5. Type /condump guid.txt
=> you will find a text document in your ET folder containing the Pro Guid

pour les French xD

il faut télécharger un fichier ici:
(Le fichier restera en ligne tant qu'il y aura au moins un téléchargement sur une période de 30 jours)
conseil ... le fichier, il faut le mettre dans Etpro apres aller dans Jeux et Tapel /exec nom_fichier

pour le mettre dans votre config c'est

bind F12 say_team oops check for etpro_guid and etpb_guid; clear; wait 130;pb_myguid; wait 130;guids ; wait 130 ;condump guids_pb_myguid.txt; wait 150 ;screenshotjpeg

pour aller chercher votre etpro_guid et etpb_guid :
1- aller dans votre dossier Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory
2- aller dans EtPro
3- chercher guids_pb_myguid en Fichier TXT (.txt)

Après avoir pris votre Etpro quid et ETpb guid vous devez aller sur le site de ESL (http://www.esl.eu)

1- aller dans votre profil en haut Gauche clic sur profil
2- aller dans général cherche Comptes de Jeu
3- clic sur ADD
4- Choisir dans la Liste ---> ETPRO Guid
5- Gamertag mettre votre ETPRO Guid
6- Choisir dans la Liste ---> ETPB Guid
7- Gamertag mettre votre ETPB Guid
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My ET Pro Guid is already in use... so i wrote a few times an Admin (Support Ticket and IRC)
the answer was:

"No you don't need, we are not using etpro guids anymore.

and why "my" or "our" Team can't join the 3on3 League?
ET Pro guid missing at my account...

thats is not rly funny... -.-
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Query me in #esl.et. I will help you.
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most likely it is your pbguid missing and you misread?
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Why u still got to fill in ur PB Guid if most matches are played NO PB?
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I think its to help tell who is who. So teams to fake members or soemthing like that.

Also for them to help see if you hack or not.
because your first guid entry is easy. but after that you have to add a reason why your changing it. if they see you change it alot. its pretty suspisious right?

So its to help them keep track i think.
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