ET Winter Leagues 2011
Autumn is up but we already prepare for the Winter! To be more precise the Winter Season in ET within the Electronic Sports League! After our last seasonal tournament in Summer 2011 it is time for a new one! Here we go with the ESL ET Winter Leagues 2011! Again we will support all common game modes and maps. Check out the details below!

Winter Leagues

Schedule: 1on1
  • Sign UP Period: NOW - 18th December 2011
  • Groups published: 21st December
  • Time to swap a division: till 28th December
  • First Matchweek: 29th December - 8th January
  • Max. members: No limit (free for all), divided into Divisions
  • Groupstage: X Groups with 4/5 Players each division
  • Playoffs: Bracket per Division
  • Server Config
Rules: Anticheat: TZAC Mappool 1on1
  • te_valhalla
  • SillyCTF
  • The_Station
  • ctf_multi
  • ctf_well
  • multi_huntplace
Go Go Go!


Again you can vote for the 6th map at 3on3 and 6on6. The map with the most votes will be added to the pool! So choose carefully!
Prizes 1on1 Tournament
1st Place + 3 Months Premium
2nd Place 2 Months Premium
3rd Place 1 Month Premium

We are looking forward to a great season! If there are questions feel free to contact us via Support Ticket or via IRC #esl.et @ quakenet.

//Your Admin Team
Sn4kE, Tuesday, 06/12/11 20:32
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Ultr4! :D
Easy win ! :D
When I try to vote for the map or rate my team I fall on a "support page".
That's how you vote the map, you send in a support ticket.
Where are the groups?
all groups are online but not announced yet, will happen during the afternoon
Sn4kE <33333333333333333
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