Summer Leagues are done!
After several weeks of constant fights, finally summer leagues are over. Last matches took place two days ago, and we can finnaly announce the winners for each format. Read the newspost to check the winners!
Like every seasonal league, this competition consisted on Groupstage + Playoffs, where we can do a little overview with the rankings for each format and division:

Final rankings

3on3 Final Results
1st Div xZist Kinetics e.V certified to suck
2nd Div PIMMELBANDEEE Frogs of War fanatics ET
3rd Div dMrp.eSports Alcohol Gamers Exorcists
Prizes 2 months 1 month 1 month
Amount3 players/team3 players/team3 players/team

2on2 Final Results
1st Div Team Decerto ET re-play Reliably
2nd Div mitiih HaoPua Susi&Strolch
Prizes 2 months 1 month 1 month
Amount2 players/team2 players/team2 players/team

1on1 Final Results
Play Offs crush3r numbe Kartez
Prizes 2 months & Award 2 months 1 month

Congratulations to all teams and players!

Hall of Fame

How do you get the Premium?

You have two weeks to request your Premium Prize via Support Ticket otherwise your entitlement will expire. The Support Ticket must be sent by the team leader and must contain the following:
links of the player meant to get Premium Accounts
do NOT choose "Premium" as category
//Your Admin Team
m1st3r, Thursday, 21/10/10 13:02
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very nice & thx 4 ur work
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