New Anti Cheat Tool in Enemy Territory
After last details have been cleared with the developers the ESL is announcing the introduction of a new Anti Cheat tool developed by SPEEDLINK for all upcoming and current ladders, tournaments and cups.
Speedlink Anti Cheat (SLAC) will replace Punkbuster as offical anti cheat tool in the Enemy Territory section within the ESL. After some discussions with Speedlink and the announcement of the EULA for SLAC anti cheat software we will use SLAC as an interim solution to fight against the cheaters.

As already mentioned we will use SLAC temporarily. The open BETA phase for the very own ESL Wire Anti Cheat (WAC) is running and we are looking at WAC for the near future.

What does that mean for you?

You have to download & install SLAC and to register
after that you will get your very own SLAC id which you add to your gameaccounts
Adding the Id: Command Center >> Add gameaccount >> select SLAC Id
Starting Enemy Territory via SLAC
When playing with SLAC you can only join non-Punkbuster servers
For offical matches you still have to use the Global Configs (no pb version)
Transition period: 7 days (mandatory from 1st October 2010)

Quotes taken from the offical SLAC Frequently asked Questions:
Q: What is SLAC?
A: SLAC is a 3rd party anticheat for W:ET. It is currently compatible ONLY with ET 2.60b and ETPro 3.2.6 and is primarily an anticheat for clan matches and public ETPro servers.

Q: On which servers can I use SLAC?
A:You can use SLAC on any ET 2.60b/ETPro 3.2.6 server where PB is disabled.

Q: Does SLAC run in background?
A: SLAC runs only when you want to. In addition to that, you must start ET via SLAC in order for SLAC to run for that instance of ET.

Q: How can I see who's using SLAC on the server where I'm playing?
Enter sl_players in console. It will print users and their SLAC guids. If they're not using SLAC, or have disabled it, they will have "UNKNOWN" instead of a proper guid.

Adapted ESL Rules

only players with entered SLAC Id are allowed to play.
SLAC Id must be entered before the match date
SLAC is mandatory for all official ESL matches
MAC: not supported, players are not allowed to compete in any ESL match
Linux: Allowed to play without SLAC after checking that they really use Linux: Checking via the console command "/cheaters" (for now, might be changed during the next updates)

SLAC - Caught Cheaters

Cheating during an ESL match: Banned for two years
Cheating outside an ESL match: Banned for 6 months starting from the date of capture

The general ESL rules are not affected by introducing SLAC (playing with wrong SLAC id, mercs etc.)
Still banning on PB based Public Ban lists etc.

//Your Admin Team
Sn4kE, Thursday, 23/09/10 21:17
Speedlink Anti Cheat
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