Summer League Playoffs
The last group stage matches took place yesterday. We found all play off teams which will fight for the top of this year's ESL Summer Leagues. All Play Offs will start like the group stages simultaneous, except 1on1 due Groupstage is not over yet. Stay tuned for incomming news about 1on1 and 2on2 Div 2, and check out this news for all information, teams and prices!
1st Division 2nd Division

1st Division 2nd Division3rd Division

1 Match per Week, Matchweek starts each Monday
A Protest Ticket will be opened every Tuesday
Forced date, will be choosen by an Admin if needed
Only Players with entered PB Guid are allowed to play
Best of three (2 Maps and Decider if needed)
Free Map Choice, Decider by Elimination after Cointoss
Cointoss: Winner starts to eliminate the 1st map, loser determines Axis/Allies
A Demo of each round must be taken by each player!
There are NO Wildcard during the Playoffs
Complete Rules
Config: Global Configs

Partners for Coverage and more

Do you want to become a Partner too? Send in a Request!

Contact & Help

If you have any problems, please do not doubt in contacting us:
Via mIRC, #esl.et @ Quakenet.
Via Support Ticket

Good Luck to all Teams and have much of Fun!
//Your Admin Team
m1st3r, Monday, 30/08/10 16:37
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