Docrom vs. Ofensywnie
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Date Monday, 27/02/12 18:30
Calculated 28/02/12 01:17
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Docrom wins !
Points +2 : 0
27/02/12 19:02
noshow from l4z*
184 kB, 27/02/12 19:02, by Docrom
* No longer available
comments (10)
write here date and time when u want to play u have time till wednesday i guess ;)
PM'd you on IRC at 18h00 you didn't answer lol, why do you put forfeit win for you ? Deadline is tuesday afaik :)

Just answer me on IRC next time instead of doing things in my back.
Maybe you can answer to me ? You were online @ IRC when I contacted you but you didn't answer and now you put penalty points on me ? Lol seriously are you kidding me ?
Agreed for today 18:30 CET
hey can we play tomorrow 19cet? I couldnt play today ;|
I can't play at 19:00 :-/
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so anytime I should be avi whole evening, please write time
yeah u preffer defwin then normal game, just bad from your side.
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