How do i get ETPro and 2.60b
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Hello everybody i wanna join the 1on1 ladder but i've got a problem.

I don't know how to isntall all that stuff i should install to jojn the ladder. Maybe some of u guys can make a FAQ so i know what to do. At the germans here u are allowed to post in german so i will ahve less difficulties to understandemoticon-grin.

There is to say i thought i had installed ETPro and 2.60b 'cause in my console is game version 2.60b and i added ETPro in my Wolfenstein Folder but when i did this i'm unable to join any server so i did something wrong.

Hope u can help me.

Greetings CnJ
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there you find a download link to all needed game parts and how to enter the Guids

EU National Master Admin - Support - AntiFake - MSN Games - Enemy Territory
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hey thanks but my problem is that i don't know how to install the patch 2.60b and ETPRo 'cause i downloade everything now and copied it into my WOlfenstein folder but now i'm unable to join a server anymore. i always get the message can't upload ..... verify ur instalation .....

maybe can u tell me a server IP ,where all things i need to play in the 1on1, are already installed so i can check if i did the right instalation or not
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Do you still have the problem?
If yes, feel free to contact me on irc #esl.et or via esl msg.
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Download & install from one of those links. This installs 2.60b, and standard mods (including ETpro) and maps.
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