Matchweek 2 - The favorites!
Matchweek two is up since Monday and we already saw several matches in al formats. The last matches of matchweek two will take place tonight. This time we will focus on the most prestigious format in Enemy territory: 6on6 Stop Watch

Division 1 Matches

Enemy Territory's top teams of division #1 have chance to take a big step into the play offs. The second win in a row nearly guarantees a play off spot while others want to save their chance to get in the play off stage by winning the first match.

Sunday, 15/01/12 21:30
Status: closed

  CashPlease (#3) [4:0]  a.ToOn.et (#7)

Both teams started with a win into the entire tournaments. This will change tonight! One team will lose but which one? According to the odds there is no doubt about the outcome of this match. Let us see what the players think!

dAv1d from CashPlease
I think CashPlease is doing very well we didnt played much but considering our last official went pretty good. This match is going to be harder for us because of the opponent. 6 Great names together so yea we will see how it goes. But i guess (hope) we will take this with 4-2 after a close game! Player to watch everyone except me! :)

Clown from CashPlease
Our last game didn't go as smooth as I expected, so I think this should go better, eventhough the opponent is stronger this time. I think the maps favour us, since they are both 6on6 only maps, so I think we can take it 4:0. Don't really have to say who to watch, because everyone will spec Night anyways!

Kevji from a.ToOn.et
Well, after our first match against S.I.C.K, which went quite good for us, we are facing CashPlease. Looking at the lineup it is sure that CashPlease are the favourites. I haven't seen them playing lately so I don't really know what to expect from them, but since our pracs went quite well in the last week I'd say it will be a tight match. Probably going to be a 4:2 for them though.

kiwiiiiiiii from a.ToOn.et
I predict a 4:2 for us . We did quite good in our pracs even if we haven't played that much. players to watch sqzz.

Sunday, 15/01/12 21:00
Status: closed

  inteRaction / Z.. (#5) [4:2]  THIS IS MADNESS (#9)

After losing the tight match against mCon THIS IS MADNESS is in need of a win to save the chance to gain into the play offs. The players are quite confident while the guys from inteRaction / Zero Empathy also want to take home the victory!

fluttershy from inteRaction
We are not performing at our best recently, mostly because we have to use mercs very often at praccs and have therefore problems in bringing some real teamplay into our game. We definitely expect a tough match - these guys played an even match with Mouse Control. Yet, we might gain some profit from forced maps on this week. Predictions? 4:2 for us, if we manage to put our hearts into that game! Player to watch on our side might be ridji, his headshots are pretty crazy. At the other side of the barrier, I think that Griim might be the one, his performance was always great.

DentoN from inteRaction
We are practising a lot but one player is missing now and so we have to use who's available. Last match we took a victory even without main lineup and now we hope to fight for another close win for us. Opponent is skilled but I think we can take it by the 4-2 win if we have a good day. This time remember to watch our lonely star from Poland ridji. Without him, there would be definitely less fun on comms.

We haven't played too often but as much as we have, it's been going well. I expect it to be a close game due to both radar & missile being based on teamwork but if we play as we did versus mCon it should be a 4:0 victory for us. A player to watch.... rNz, if he bothers to show up.

We're performing rubbish lately, lack of practice makes us bad. Guess we'll get one prac going before the offi. Maps aren't really on our side, since we're basicly mixing, so playing radar and missile is not the best. I still think we have a shot at winning the game though, with UK's finest griim carrying us to victory! So I predict a 4-2 for us, after getting raped on missile and winning radar with under 30 secs left we'll take the decider izi mode. Player to spec is obviously allstar griim or NC captain rNz/ARNAR for crazy headshots/rifling (haven't decided yet who'll play rifle).

Monday, 30/01/12 21:00
Status: closed

  Serious Inciden.. (#11) [2:0]  Game Play Serve.. (#15)

We come over to the second match of group C. Both teams lost their kick of matches 4:0. Losing the second match in a row can mean good bye play offs! So both teams need a win to save the chance and both teams think they can manage to do so. Maybe this match will be one of the closest ones tonight!

Oxy from Serious Incident
After having massively underestimated our last opponents we're sure not to make the same mistake again. We've been performing better, more like a team less like a mix these past days, though unfortunately we didn't get to prac much as many of our players have been facing various exams this week. We're looking forward to an interesting match and expect to go out of this one with a 4-0 if everything goes as planned. Though, it just never does. Players to watch, as always Butchji and Iron

danL from Splendid gaming
Our performance lately has been very shaky, we had ups and downs but I think that was mainly because we were trying to find the 6th player after diablos had to go inactive due to work. Now that diablos is sort of back I think we can hope to go back to better performances and give all our opponents a hard time. I expect this match to be very tight and I think the possibility of the match going either way is very high, be sure to watch, if nothing our matches are at least interesting, especially now since it's Kevin's fourth attempt to beat us in an official. Match score is very hard to predict but I'll go optimistic and say 4-2 for us, player to watch could be mental, he always does something worth watching, whether it's bad or good.

Sunday, 15/01/12 21:00
Status: closed

  Team Decerto ET (#1) [4:0]  Never Surrender.. (#13)

According to the statements Never Surrender! already surrendered and do not believe in any chances of winning the match while mCon is not quite sure but expects also a win by their side:

saKen from Mouse Control.ET
We haven't been playing much lately as joshua, SQuid and me have been praccing with team NL, I guess the others have been playing with their national teams aswell. I'm not sure what to expect from this game as I don't really know the team we're up against. I guess it will be interesting to see how they do. We should be taking this win home. Player to watch is zMk, he'll either be drunk or owning, both situations are fun to look at!

aiRen from Never Surrender!
We are just finishing a WL instead of a.ToOn and keeping ET alive. In this match we're playing versus the most successful team at ESL. We could try to fight at least decent, but our chances are unpredictable. There are good players on both side, watch joshua, saKen or you could watch our player MENTh or incoming oldschooler punkk. We are not playing in full LU, because invi is in ski trip and biZZy has a job interview or something like that.
About score prediction: 4:0 for mCon... Never surrender, keep ET alive!

What happened during the week?

We have prepared some detailed match reviews of some interesting matches during the last days! Pre-match and after-match statements are included as well as a summary. Check it out!

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Good Luck and Have Fun!

Your Admin Team
Sn4kE, Sunday, 15/01/12 17:20
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