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Hello all, i guess i have a problem.

Like 1month ago i made some topic that i had some problems with lagg spikes, i teleported all the time. Someone told me to delete my pb folder in my etmain. It worked, i had no lagg anymore. And since i only played etpro i  didnt needed a guid anyway.

Now i wanna play some HidenSeek and Jaymod, and on every freaking server where i go on they ban me cus i have no guid.

I need a pb folder to turn my punkbuster on, so i can play with a guid. But when i have a pb folder, im teleporting, its like 3 seconds nothing, and then 1 huge spike.
So basicly my question is, how can i get a working guid without lagging? This lagg problem started after the new TZAC update.

It looks like its something with my etpro, because when i deinstall ET, and download it again ( without etpro/2.60b) then when im going to a jaymod server with my guid on and pb folder in etmain i dont lagg at all. Then im downloading 2.60b/etpro  and then my lagg is back. Im not even sure if its etpro, but every time when im installing ETpro im starting to lagg, ( on every mod)
I really have no idea what to do anymore, i asked friends on xfire where they downloaded etpro, but still nothing.

Things what i tried:
1:Reinstall ET ( in 3/4 differend ways)
2:Scann my PC on virus or w/e
3emoticon-smileeleting TZAC ( since my lagg started there)
4:Run ET as admin

If anyone can help me, thanks already, since idk it anymore lol.
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I have had same problem, just i did not lag but had FPS drops only since of etpro on.

Did you had any drivers changes? New hardware? Did you totaly uninstall tzac v1 before installing v2?
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I had same kind of problem with my fps as it dropped after every 3sec and it was really annoying. I found out that the reason was with Punkbuster and after I updated it fps-lag was gone.

There are two ways to update your PunkBuster easily:

1.- Go to the root folder where ET has been installed and open the folder "pb". For example: C:/Program Files/Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory/pb You'll see there a file, called "pbweb.exe" Open it and run it. Please have some patience, it can take a while to update your PB.

2.- Visit this http://evenbalance.com/index.php?page=pbsetup.php and download the PBSetup Program. Open the program, browse to "ET.exe" and press, "update."

Maybe this helps.
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