Country Championship completed
five months after the first Country Championship has been announced we can announce the winners! After several national qualifiers, a group stage and the final stage we have found the top three countries in Enemy Territory when talking about the 3on3 format!

Grand Final

After losing 4:2 in the upper bracket final the guys from Team-Netherlands had to win twice against Team Finland! They tried hard but more than a 1:3 defeat was not possible.

Sunday, 05/08/12 22:00
Status: closed

  Team Finland (#1) [3:1]  Team-Netherland.. (#2)

Line ups
Team Netherlands versus Team Finland

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saKen - Team Netherlands (lineup)
All in all it was a nice tournament and we were happy to represent The Netherlands on the 3on3 stage once again, unfortunately the tournament had some heavy delays because of certain teams not playing their matches in time. We were looking to prolong our title but we are happy to at least have made it to the final, Finland are the deserved winners in this tournament. I think this top 3 was pretty predictable but it´s always interesting to see if there are teams that can cause an upset or teams that underperform.

Squall - Team Finland (lineup)
After long months of games and waiting finally we won this tournament, like I expected. Even tough we got fullheld on some maps I don't think there was any team that had slightest chance of beating us, maybe next season we can see some good teams participating. Overall nice tournament, nice coverage etc. next time should have little shorter tournament, like 2-3 matches per week, if can't do just forfeit then. Hopefully ESL will continue supporting ET and make more awesome tournaments!

Award Ceremony

Team Finland


Team Poland 3on3

Congratulations and thanks for a great tournament

All possible thanks to our partners!

Sn4kE, Thursday, 16/08/12 20:29
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