Saturday, 04/05

Enemy Territory | 13:56
ESL Enemy Territory Section closing its doorsThe time has come to say goodbye to Enemy Territory. Some small glitz was shown at the end of last year when special tournaments with prizes were hosted. Nevertheless this was only temporarily and the activity went down close to zero.

Monday, 14/01

Enemy Territory | 19:37
Autumn Series - qODC #8The activity dropped to zero, Autumn is over since weeks, it is time to get this cup series done too. So due to missing feedback and interest during the last weeks the last Autumn Cup was delayed but will take place this week!

Tuesday, 11/12

Enemy Territory | 18:19
Autumn Series - qODC #7This week we are running 3 qualification one day cups #7, the best of the best will be able to participate in final cup and also have chance to win some rewards. We were not able to run 1on1 cup last week, because of lack of players. Also there was lack of teams for 3on3 and 6on6 but we have decided to go on. We hope this week will be better.

Sunday, 09/12

Enemy Territory | 15:50
Storm is over! - ESL Decerto Storm Assault completed!The Storm is over! But instead of chaos and disorder a winning team arose from the storm. The best 16 Enemy Territory teams out there signed up and fought for the prizes sponsored by Spire Corp in cooperation with Team Decerto.

Monday, 03/12

Enemy Territory | 19:25
Autumn Series - qODC #6qODC volume 6 is about to kick off tomorrow with 1on1 cup. On Thursday we will host 3on3 and on Sunday 6on6 cup. Cup has been indeed delayed, because we could not schedule our timings to run and administrate cups on nights. Information about Qualification One Day Cup #5 and #6 are below.

Monday, 26/11

Enemy Territory | 08:34
ESL Storm Assault Grand FinalA last squall will hit the remaining teams but this will be a fierce one. The Grand Final of the Storm Assault is coming up! Who is in the final? How did they gained into the final? And of course, who will take home the prizes? We will pick up all these topics in this posting!

Tuesday, 13/11

Enemy Territory | 19:08
Autumn Series - qODC #5Qualification One Day Cups volume 4 has ended. After there have been some problems with TZAC last week we decided to delay the 5th edition for one week. But now it is time to bring number 5 out! We had to disqualify 2 players which haven't played 1on1 finals seriously, so slot for final cup #4 didn't go to anyone. Player that will collect the most points will take that slot and play final cup.

Sunday, 04/11

Enemy Territory | 22:08
ESL Storm Assault lower bracket finalOnly two matches left till we will know the winner of the ESL Storm Assault! On Monday we will know the second finalist which will face the guys from kingz.et!

Wednesday, 31/10

Enemy Territory | 14:05
Autumn Series - qODC #4For 1on1 cup we are already on half way to final brackets and for others we will be soon. Like we are announcing this for 4th time, teams that will qualify with wins/points will be able to participate in final brackets and also be able to win their prizes which are spreaded to first 3 places.

Tuesday, 30/10

Enemy Territory | 17:30
Storm Assault Winner Bracket FinalHalloween is close but tonight's match will already be a nightmare for one of two teams! Who will join the Grand final and who has to go down to the lower bracket and tremble for regaining into the upper bracket which will mean: Grand Final? We will find out tonight!

Saturday, 27/10

Enemy Territory | 10:42
ESL Storm Assault - 4 teams leftThe Adroits Lan in Enschede is finished and the ESL Strom Assault is back on track.Who will be able to carry home the decisive wins?

Monday, 22/10

Enemy Territory | 21:40
Autumn Series - qODC #32 Cups are over and its time to prepare and signup for third. Which teams and players will end at the top? All that you will find out in incoming cup and news. Lets look current standings of top 4 from each format.

Monday, 15/10

Enemy Territory | 01:13
Autumn Series - Continuing with qODC #2Qualification One Day Cup was ended last week and now is the time to go on with this week ESL Autumn Cups. Again we will host 3 cups with 1on1, 3on3 and 6on6 format. For more informations of each cup check below.

Saturday, 13/10

Enemy Territory | 12:37
ESL Storm Assault - last eightWe are back on schedule! Half of the teams are gone, only eight left and Sunday night we will reduce the number of teams by two! The lower bracket round three takes place. Check out the schedule:

Sunday, 07/10

Enemy Territory | 09:40
Storm Assault Top MatchesThe Storm goes on! No time to take a breather! This Sunday the half finals of the upper bracket will take place. Along with that the lower bracket continues after a silent week. Hopefully it is only the quiet before the storm and we will blown away by tight matches on Monday! Check out today's matches!

Thursday, 04/10

Enemy Territory | 15:35
Autumn Series - Starting with Qualification ODC #1This year we are announcing Autumn Series on a different way. Instead of groups qualifications for Final Brackets, we will host one day qualification cups. Final Bracket will be also one day cup and only several teams filling our requirements will be avalible to participate in that cup. We will host 3 cups per week in 3 formats (1on1, 3on3 and 6on6). For more informations and how is this cup going to look like, check below.

Wednesday, 03/10

Enemy Territory | 14:19
Storm Assault - End of round IIStill some delay in the tournament caused by tough scheduling in the 1st round. Finally the 1st round is completed - upper and lower bracket related. Therefore we come to the 2nd round where the missing matches of the upper bracket will be played during the next 48h.

Sunday, 30/09

Enemy Territory | 18:17
Summer Series endFinals just got ended today. To bad that RAAB vs oXimize match couldn't be played after some inactivity of both teams. Below you can see which teams/players earned their place and are going to be added to Hall Of Fame. You can also check match statements and reviews

Thursday, 27/09

Enemy Territory | 23:06
Stormy SundayThe first matchday is still running! The last matches will take place on Sunday while some matches of playday 2 are already scheduled. Read on for details about the upcoming matches and the teams' statements

Tuesday, 25/09

Enemy Territory | 15:59
Storm Assault re- and previewThe first squall has hit the teams! Two teams have already been blown down to the lower bracket and some others will follow during the next days - for sure! But first let us have a look at the latest matches

Saturday, 22/09

Enemy Territory | 12:47
ESL Storm Assault - Teams & Kick offThe storm has arrived and already blew away a team! No problem! A new team already filled this gap and offers more resistance to the turbulency! Here is a short overview about the teams including statements regarding the entire tournament!

Monday, 17/09

Enemy Territory | 17:43
ESL Decerto Storm Assault Sign Ups closed!Sign ups closed? wtf? They were not even opened! Correct! But we have already found the 16 teams competing for the prizes. In total 21 teams requested a slot but not all teams got one and we think that there will not be any additional sign ups of stable teams corresponding to the reached skill level.

Friday, 14/09

Enemy Territory | 19:50
ESL Decerto Storm Assault - Slot reservation endsThe Storm is coming closer and closer! Prepare yourself for exciting matches between Enemy Territory's top teams! The period for slot reservation ends on Sunday night. 24h later the free for all sign up will open where the last remaining slots will be given away!

Sunday, 09/09

Enemy Territory | 20:33
ESL Decerto Storm AssaultAttention! Severe weather warning! Storm is approaching! BUT instead of rain some prizes are incoming!

Saturday, 08/09

Enemy Territory | 22:49
Summer Series - Grand FinalsHere we are at the end of the path. Summer Series are going to its end, with last games in this seasonal cup. Best teams of their respective cup took the place and now It's the time to rock the cup's floor and punch some holes into enemy helmets! This is going to be the last seasonal series based on cups and we are sure that teams are ready to show community their best tactics and skills. Which teams will defend their title and make it to the top? Stay tuned!

Saturday, 18/08

Enemy Territory | 18:21
Evolution Challenge finished!Right after the Country Championship winners have been announced it is time for announcing the next winners! The prize featured Evolution Challenge has come to its end. 16 teams joined this special tournament and fought for the prizes during the last four weeks.

Thursday, 16/08

Enemy Territory | 20:29
Country Championship completedfive months after the first Country Championship has been announced we can announce the winners! After several national qualifiers, a group stage and the final stage we have found the top three countries in Enemy Territory when talking about the 3on3 format!

Tuesday, 14/08

Enemy Territory | 17:10
Evolution Challenge - Grand Final!After 6 weeks, Evolution Challenge is coming to its end with Grand Final. Which team is going to defend their title and win this cup? Lets not forget that colt 45 has to win Team Decerto two times to win Grand Final. Expectations are high, but all is going to be decided on the battlefield. Stay tuned and spectate match on gamestv.org!

Sunday, 12/08

Enemy Territory | 11:39
Evolution Challenge - Lower bracket finalThree teams left! Who will join the grand final and face the guys from the old team overload who found a new home at Team Decerto side? The decision will be made on Monday when the lower bracket final will take place!

Saturday, 04/08

Enemy Territory | 10:46
Evolution Challenge - lower bracketWhat is going on in the Evolution Challenge? Five teams still in but three on pause. Why? The answer is easy: A single match claims all attention! So let us have an eye on that match and the rest of the entire tournament.
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