Winter Leagues - CashPlease!
Winter Leagues have provided a lot of interesting matches in this season and it won't stop here as it's not over yet! We're closing in to the finals and many teams are fighting hard to reach the final stage. Tonight we'll see a lot of action in the 6on6 Premier Division so you'd better not miss it!
The match of the night is between a.ToOn.eu and CashPlease, a duel between two extremely good teams that defeated many known teams in their path to the Winner Bracket Final. These 2 teams played against each other in the Groupstage where CashPlease managed to win! The match will be shoutcasted by the one and only Owzo, so stay tuned!

MouseControl will try to defeat NBS Gaming in order to save what's left from this season if they still want to keep their title. Their performance was not that good in the Winter Leagues but they can still prove that they're a good and strong team. The winner of this match will meet Codelust in the Round 3 of the Lower Bracket.

Monday, 05/03/12 21:30
Status: closed

  a.ToOn.et (#1) [4:0]  CashPlease (#2)

Pre-Match Statements & Predictions

dAv1d from CashPlease
Yeah, our performance lately (playing only offi's) is pretty good. Evrything works out as we planned. We have great teamplay and some aimers and some brainers. I expect this match to be alot harder than last time. Last time was already close but this time I suppose they will be more prepared for us. I predict and hope a 4-2 win for us but will be very very close.
Who to watch? Everyone except me! :D

Kartez from a.ToOn.et
Unfortunately we are not very active, but we will try our best to make a surprise and I hope we will take the victory. Everything is possible with these bunch of aimers & "new talents". My prediction is 4-2 for aToOn!
Player to spec: kiwi!

Monday, 05/03/12 21:00
Status: closed

  NBS gaming.ET (#5) [2:4]  Team Decerto ET (#3)

Pre-Match Statements & Predictions

saKen from Mouse Control
We're going to play this game with the NL lineup we also aim to attend LAN with. I don't recall having played this team yet but we're obviously looking to take this one home 4-0.
Player to watch: JALLAAAAAA, especially if goldrush is being played!

yEnch from NBS Gaming
Since our last game took place about week ago, I'm not sure how we're going to perform as a team. Though, they are using their NC lineup and we've lost twice against them in the past, I think it's going to be balanced game with a 4-0 score, either us or them!
Players to spec - subbi & slajdan!

All possible thanks to our partners!

FoaMeA, Monday, 05/03/12 15:39
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