CC ET Qualifiers - Round 2 !
We're now halfway through the qualifiers, some countries already know the team that will represent them in the ESL ET Country Championship 2012, and some countries still have to play an additional qualifier! Some very interesting matches will be played in the next days so be sure to check our news section for more informations!

National Qualifiers still being played

Several national qualifiers already finished and we already know the teams that will represent their countries in the Country Championship! However, some of the national qualifiers are still being played and you can see their schedule below.
Qualifiers Mappool: Adlernest, Supply, Frostbite, SW Goldrush TE

Finland Qualifier -> Thursday(29.03) + Sunday(01.04)
Germany Qualifier -> Wednesday(28.03) + Sunday(01.04)
Poland Qualifier -> Thursday(29.03) + Sunday(01.04)
France Qualifier -> Wednesday(28.03) + Thursday(29.03) + Sunday(01.04)
Sweden Qualifier -> Thursday(29.03) + Sunday(01.04)
Spain Qualifier -> Thursday(29.03)
Czech Republic Qualifier -> Wednesday(28.03)+ Sunday(01.04)

Rest of Europe Qualifier

9 countries will fight for one of the 4 available spots in the Group Stage! We will try to feature the most important matches in the upcoming days so stay tuned! You can see below the schedule and the matches that will be played.

Switzerland - Romania
Croatia - Austria
Belgium - Italy
Hungary - Slovenia

Rest of Europe Qualifier -> Thursday(29.03) -> Sunday(01.04)

Non-Europe Qualifier

It's also time for the non-european countries to start fighting for the only free spot left in the Group Stage. There's already a non-european country directly qualified in the Group Stage, Canada, and there's room for only 1 more non-european country! Who will it be? We shall find out pretty soon!

USA - Salvador
Australia - Chile

Non-Euro Qualifier -> Thursday(29.03) -> Sunday(01.04)

All possible thanks to our partners!

FoaMeA, Wednesday, 28/03/12 10:46
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