Country Championship 2012
Finally it is time. A new era begins here within the Enemy Territory section and you can be a part of it! We proudly present: The first country championship within the ESL! After a lot of players contacted us to host our very own competition to battle out the best Enemy Territory nation we have finally decided to give it a try.

Here we go! Ladies and Gentlemen we proudly present: The 3on3 Country Championship 2012

What is that?

A Country Championship is a competition where national teams are battling for the prestigious title of the best country in competitive Enemy Territory. These national teams consist of each country's best players who aim for the title. It is the equivalent to the prize- sponsored and well known European Nations Championship but open for all countries.

We want information about ET! Give!

We will start into this new era with a 3on3 Country Championship. With the help of some players right from the community we have set up an easy and clear rulebook as well as a tournament structure which is promising the maximum of action! Special thanks to to fanatic, Artstar and RazZaH. But we also want all other to be involved! For example we have set up a poll to determine the last map in the mappool. Just log in to your ESL account and vote for your favourite map which you want to play in the tournament!

Yea, sounds nice but what about the tournament?!

It is our first tournament and therefore we want to give the chance to every team and every nation. Every team? Yes! There will be national qualifiers where the best national representative will be determined.

Mappool:Adlernest, Supply, ET Ice, Frostbite, SW Goldrush TE and your vote
Mode:3on3, national qualifiers, group stage, play offs
Slots:Free For All, national qualifiers
Restrictions: • players must have an entered TZAC id in order to be allowed to play
• You can only play if you are living in the nation for which you want to play for      (Exceptions may occur for nations that have too few players)
• max team size: 6 members from the same country
• You are not allowed to add new players during the qualifiers
• You can add 1 new player to the team during the Group stage
• You can add 1 new player to the team during the play off stage
RulebookComplete rules can be found here

Signup now for the national qualifiers!

(Sign Ups end on 18th March 2012)

!!! We recommend to create a new team-account for this tournament!!
How to create a new team

3 Steps to join the tournament

    1) Log in and create a new team
    2) Ready up your team: invite players, enter TZAC ids and update your teamsheet
    3) Sign Up

Qualification Stage

Depending on the number of sign ups for a nation we will host different national qualifiers to find the best team for every country. The best teams of every country will join the group stage.

All possible thanks to our partners!

Sn4kE, Tuesday, 06/03/12 11:33
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