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Team/Player Search Topic
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Here you can search for new players and/or teams

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ask for info
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I am also clan less
ask for info emoticon-tongue
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Cless searching team ...
Ask for info :>
xFire: kutsch1995
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xfire: yurple
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cless also. emoticon-grin
xfire: godhak
ask for info ;)
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skiller clanless xfire : kaffeboy
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need et team

xfire: nklear0015
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need good team.
skill: Med-/Med
Language: English
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skill:low+/Med- i have my med- days i have my low+ days.
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skill med/+ smart player active can play smg / rifle if need! can find me on mirc at #clanless-et and rtcw.isr.
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xfire add: nklear0015
4 more info
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edified need 4th and 5th for esl 5o5 ladder and EMS be pretty decent med/+ prefered

#edified /q sENSA__
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sENSA wrote:
edified need 4th and 5th for esl 5o5 ladder and EMS be pretty decent med/+ prefered

#edified /q sENSA__

Why should someone be med/+ if you are max low/+? emoticon-smile
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searching for 5on5 team (esl only)
im rifle

u can contact me:
x-fire: DonMatthias
cf: http://www.crossfire.nu/?x=user&mode=view&id=18562
or pm me here

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CLESS, med-, active and cooperative. Have vent and good at decision making, xfire: pureskiill add me and talk on there. peace x
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medskilled player cless.
About me:
- medic ,eng-smg or fop.
- SLAC user.
- have brain
- avi for ESL fall 10

contact me xfire: gljitz
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looking for 2 players med / med + TS3 teamplay and some those experiences
no kids no Retards
xfire: etbravo
IRC: #czet _bRAVO
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Looking for team
Playing fop/medic/eng-smg
skill around med
played around 4-5 years
no new projects plz,

contact at irc #team-decerto Decerto|apoll0
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About me:
- All classes Im leet
Nice skill, great offenser and defenser
played around 4-5 years
Big projects plz

Contact Xfire: dteach
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Need good team.
Class: Medic/fo
Skill: low+/med-
Language: French / English
Xfire: djosfamous
My crossfire: http://www.crossfire.nu/?x=user&mode=view&id=31218
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Hi I'm looking for 5v5 team [flag=pl]

-Able to speak polish
-med/eng smg
-active 20:30 - 1:00 =DDDDDDDDDD
- med/-
- slac

- med
-no 2 week's

Info: #vodka.et q/ Symb_ or CF emoticon-grin

CF: http://www.crossfire.nu/?x=forum&mode=item&id=37035
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About me
Class: Medic/rifle
Skill: med-
Slac: ofcourse [00000556]

About you:
No 2 week project
Around low+/med- skill
Slac forced
Playing 5on5

Info: /q duphrain  @ #5on5.et or #Team-Gigabyte
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Hi all I'm looking for a 3on3 or 5on5 team


_From france
_Also speak English
_Active at least 3 days per week
_Mature & friendly
_Play as medic or engi(smg)
_Decent level

What I expect:

_Speaking English/French
_Active at least 3 days per week
_A bit mature and funny
_Decent level
_Good comms

For more info check my profil ,pm me , add me Xfire.

I wish you a merry chrismas and a happy New Year!
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