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Hello Guys,

in the last few weeks I was playing a lot of matches with ESL VERSUS at Battlefield 3 and I was wondering why Enemy Territory is not listing there.

Is there an problem to play VERSUS matches in ET with this very nice system? I know most of us using IRC to find matches etc. but why not try to bring VERSUS to ET?

Greats blAckmAmbA

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Im sure there will be a new edition of versus goes crazy ( http://www.esl.eu/eu/versus/news/186322/ )

there you usually can vote for a new game / modes. Maybe some more guys are interested in it!

Just stay tuned and check the news on www.esl.eu/eu/

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Versus is great, just ESL Wire shouldn't be forced like it was before, since the most used AC for W:ET is SLAC. Thats why was in the first place removed and later not re-added again.
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